Happy Teacher Appreciation Day:: Welcome to the Tribe, Momma

Last year I wrote an ode to Teacher Mommies. Since we have added a whole new crew to our tribe, I wanted to write you a welcome letter. Yes, mommy doctors, mommy grocery store workers, delivery drivers, city officials, nurses, and everything in between— this one is for you.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day:: Welcome to the Tribe, Momma
Dear Soldier,

I want to personally welcome you to the secret faction of the Cold Coffee Club—teaching. But, we teachers are creative, so we throw some ice in our coffee — and keep on rollin’! You got thrown into the ring with no gloves, just a heart committed to love. You jumped in with a spirit ready to win, so today we salute you too. Juggling the baby {literally} and work, then maintaining the meeting schedule for your precocious Elementary School student is not easy. But you are doing your best.

I want you to know that we do not expect you to do our job. It is virtually impossible. Just as it is impossible for us to love your kids the way you do {although we try}. We want your kids to feel safe at home. Routine helps provide that feeling. So, the work we send home is simply to give your child a little bit of predictability in an unpredictable world. Do as much as you can—and when we get your students’ work, we will tip our Flair pens to you. We will not assume the worst. We will believe that you {and your kids} did their best in a difficult situation.

Unfortunately, the battle is not yet over. But we are fighters and we will not only survive this situation. We will thrive. We will build resilient kids who value family time and maybe a little bit too much technology. We will raise leaders who make decisions based on what is best for their community, not just what’s best for them. We will have taught kids to value their health and to sing a song when they are washing their hands. We will have crafted little minds that can cope with change in a matter of days. Those are 21st-century skills, and you are a 21st-century teacher.

Once again, teacher, we welcome you, and thank you for your work. Remember to be kind to yourself—drink some wine after school, go outside and dance in the middle of the day—-literally, everything can be educational {maybe, not the wine though}.
Be safe, stay healthy, and we will see you in the Fall.

With respect and admiration,

Your Child’s Teacher

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