HMB’s Book Club {August Review}

We cannot believe August is almost over and with it the end of our Summer Book Club!  We’ve loved letting you choose the books and reading along with you.  It’s brought us out of our comfort zones as far as our normal book genres go.  It’s opened our eyes to new authors.  It’s been a blast!

Warning :: Reviews may contain spoilers!

HMB Book Club

 :: Heather ::

Well, this is a HMB Book Club first for me – I’m giving Me Before You 5 Queen Elsa Tiaras.  You read that right.  FIVE.  And Queen Elsa Tiaras are gold around our household.

I mean, I DID tell the other HMB contributors that I’m mad at every single person who voted for this book – and I am.  But holy moly, it was good.  I have a serious book hangover {can you say that on a mom’s blog?} from this one.  I’m still stuck on Will and his situation.  I hate that one moment forever changed his life for the worse like it did.  I hate that Louisa loved him so much and it wasn’t enough.  I hate the pain that I feel for his parents, especially his mother.  Oh, and I just plain hate Patrick.  What a jerk.

I know I used the word “hate” three times in the last paragraph, but it’s not the word I’d use to describe my overall feelings on this book.  I loved Will, even though life handed him something worse than lemons – he still had character.  He was human, with some bitter days, but also days that he could challenge Louisa and motivate her to live a better life.

:: Bre ::

I did enjoy this book, but I wouldn’t go as far as to give it 5 Queen Elsa tiaras.  I’d say more like 3.5.  I just didn’t like those extra chapters from other people’s point of view.  Granted, they did give some depth to the story, but they were just so random. And unevenly paced.  It messed up the flow for me.

However, Louisa was a lovely character, and I enjoyed her relationship with Will.  I wasn’t surprised at the ending, but that didn’t stop my tears.  OH, THE TEARS!  Not as bad as The Fault in our Stars, but it was not a good look when I couldn’t g to sleep at 1am because…reading.

I am definitely going to pick up more of Jojo Moyes stuff.  She’s a keeper!


And just because the summer book club has ended doesn’t mean we’re done reading.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so we can keep up with what everyone is reading.  We always need a new book suggestion.

Chime in, Houston!  What are your thoughts on Me Before You?

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