Home Organization Tips for Multiple Rooms

If you’re a busy mom like me, you probably don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on organizing things around the home. I’m always on the lookout for simple and affordable home organization tips that are functional, practical and help our home look put together. This is especially important for those moments when you find out that your mother in law is coming to visit soon! {Yikes!}

I’m excited to share some of my favorite tips to help you make a big difference with a small budget and little effort. I love to use common, affordable items to organize different rooms. You might have some of these at home! Sometimes re-purposing an organizer or finally getting to that shelf you’d been meaning to hang for months can transform a space into something new {or at least more organized!} 

Cube Organizers

The first tip is one of the BEST home organization tips I’ve ever found! I love that it’s also simple, affordable and practical :: cube organizers! I’ve seen them as low as $15. They’re great for organizing multiple rooms in the house. You can use them to store clothing, toys, shoes, books … the possibilities are as endless! And you can decide to store things straight in the “cube” or in cute little bins! 

Home Organization Tips for Multiple Rooms | Houston Moms Blog

Unless Chip and Joanna put their magic touch on your home, it’s possible that your entrance is like mine ::  a happy blur of backpacks, car keys, shoes, and whatever else. Sometimes I wonder where in the world people put allllll the things in all those beautifully redecorated homes on HGTV.

Keeping it real, we have shoes lined up against the wall most days. But the cube organizer helps us take care of some of the odds and ends we’re always dragging in or out of the house. Plus, it keeps things looking nice and neat! 

The one we have near the entrance of our home has a decorative dish for the car keys and other items on top. The bins hold toys and electronics, some of my hubby’s extra cellphone cables, etc. We also found a basket we weren’t using and a bit of decor. Voila! 

My hubby and I were also trying to figure out what to do with t-shirts, sweaters and pants in our master closet. We figured, why not try another cube organizer! Honestly, it didn’t take long to assemble it and, in this case, we didn’t even need bins! The sweaters and pants could just go folded in each cube. And I love how it almost has that “store look” so I can feel like I’m shopping in my closet. So fun! I might have gone a bit overboard, trying to do some color coding! 

Home Organization Tips for Multiple Rooms | Houston Moms Blog

Desktop File Organizers

What about paper clutter? I have to admit, this area is a work in progress, but I’m trying! It seems that, unless you have a system, all kinds of mail, magazines, kids’ schoool papers, business cards, receipts, and other random pieces of paper pile up when you’re not looking. UGH! Thankfully, this is where those cute desktop file organizers come in!

Home Organization Tips for Multiple Rooms | Houston Moms Blog

Be careful when you’re shopping because there are a LOT of cute options! I somehow ended up with 3 desktop file organizers- And we don’t really need 3 on our little table in the kitchen! The good thing about the different styles and options is that you decide what you really need. I love the ones that have tall sections for filing, lower sections for unopened mail, and trays for coupons, pens, etc… 


Shelves are one of the most multi-purpose, functional organization options. They can hold toys or books and display pretty framed art, quotes and decor. My hubby rocked this floating shelf with a few framed pieces we already had, plus a cute faux succulent in a geometric glass terrarium.

Home Organization Tips for Multiple Rooms | Houston Moms Blog

I hope these simple tips encourage you to pick a room around the house {or two or three} and do a little organizing!

Do you have any tips or tricks for organizing your home?


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