The Day My Son Will Never Forget

As the long, hot summer draws to a close, I wanted to make sure we checked off as many things as possible on our family’s Summer Bucket List … and I saved the best for last! My three-year-old is obsessed with all things related to fire trucks. Firemen, fire stations, even fire hydrants – he LOVES it all! So, when I read the idea of going to our local fire station to deliver cookies, I knew we had to do it. It was such a memorable day for my little guy that we are planning to do it at least once a month. {And spread the love to other fire stations in our area, too!}

I couldn’t have asked for a better visit for my son. We arrived at the fire station with our goodies in hand, and the firemen thanked us and said they would be right back. Well, a few minutes later, they were up on the second floor and ready to slide down the pole. My son was beside himself! The firemen were doing real firemen things! Then, they let him get inside the firetruck and pretend to drive – they even turned the sirens on for him! It warmed my mama heart when the sweet fireman picked my son up and let him hang on the pole just like he was a fireman. However, the best moment happened when the firemen got a real call and had to go put out a fire. We stepped back to watch as they leaped into action, put on their gear, and loaded the truck. Their sirens were loud as they sped away to put out a fire. It was just like what happens in the books we read to him, and my son was awestruck. Obviously, we had a storybook experience, but it was incredible for my son to see his heroes in real life.

Houston Fire Station Visit | Houston Moms Blog

Here are a few helpful hints so you can plan your fire station visit ::

  • Don’t worry about calling ahead. Fire stations never know when they’ll be heading off to an emergency, so this isn’t something you can really schedule out. {Sorry, Type A moms!}
  • That being said, don’t overstay your welcome. We stayed about 15 minutes, and my son got to have all of the big experiences I had secretly hoped for.
  • Remember that the main idea of the visit is to teach your child about showing gratitude for our first responders and giving back to the community, so let them help you bake {or buy!} something and then have them hand the treats to the firemen. Hopefully, they will give you a tour or let you take pictures in front of the fire truck … but don’t make that assumption or the focus of your trip.
  • Label the food that you bring and consider going the extra step to list the ingredients. With the abundance of allergies these days, it’s wise to be considerate of everyone’s preferences, if possible.
  • Help your child make a homemade thank you note to deliver with the treats! Though it may seem like a small gesture, it means a lot to the firemen to know they are appreciated … even by the tiniest of residents!
  • If you are planning to go with a friend or two, make sure you’ve got a backup plan in case you aren’t able to get a tour or the firemen are away saving lives {you know, the important stuff}. A playground or a family-friendly restaurant are great options!

Houston Fire Station Visit | Houston Moms Blog

It truly was the most perfect experience to watch my firetruck-obsessed boy have the time of his life, and I’m so thankful to Houston Fire Station 2 for their support of our community and genuine hospitality that day! I hope you give this visit a try – you’ll be teaching your future firefighter an important lesson about random acts of kindness, and that is one lesson that is truly invaluable.

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