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Houston's Top 10 Ice Cream Shops. A photograph of someone holding an ice cream cone.  Logo: Houston Moms Blog

It’s July, and it’s hot. Thankfully, I have a delicious, fun solution to the relentless summer heat — ice cream! Let me help you celebrate National Ice Cream Month in Houston with some favorite sweet treat shops around town. I didn’t have any difficulty outsourcing some help {other HMB contributors, my 2 year old, my boyfriend, and his 5 year old} to conduct research for this list. Here is our expertly curated guide to the best cool treats in our city.


1. Fat Cat Creamery {1901 N. Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77008}

This cute shop in the Heights makes all their ice cream from scratch. They use whole milk, heavy cream, sugar, egg yolks, and other flavorings. Fat Cat also pays attention to supporting the local community by using cream from Texas dairy farmers, eggs from Ole Dad Farms, and fruits from The Barry Farm. They have unique flavors like Salted Butter Caramel, Butter Pecan, and Coconut Blueberry!

2. Amy’s Ice Cream {3816 Farnham St, Houston, TX 77098}

Amy’s started in Austin and opened up in Houston a while back. This company not only makes homemade ice cream, they make it a point to connect with the community with fundraisers for breast cancer, AIDS, Autism, and more. Okay, about the ice cream. They always have the standard Mexican Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Just Vanilla, Sweet Cream, Coffee, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate … but they rotate out more than 300 specialty flavors all the time! They also make ice cream cakes in the store. Talk about a win at your next birthday party!

3. Cloud 10 Creamery {5216 Morningside, Houston, TX 77005}

Who says corn and cilantro doesn’t go with ice cream?! Not these guys! One popular menu item at Cloud 10 Creamery is the sweet corn waffle with brown sugar ice cream, fish sauce caramel, creamed corn, peanuts, and cilantro. Award-winning pastry chef Chris Leung comes up with the unique flavors that include: Maple Butter, Gingersnap, Basil Mascarpone, and Sweet Potato. The saying goes that you will enjoy the ice cream so much, it will have you floating on “Cloud 10.”  You can also request a special flavor for the chef to make just for you!

4. Del’s Ice Cream Shop {803 Quitman St, Houston, TX 77009}

Del’s is all about community {and ice cream, of course}! They have routine “Ice Cream with an Officer” at their ice cream shop so people can stop by and get to know the officers who work in the neighborhood. They also host other community events and do fun things like coloring contests for the kids in the area. They have good ole’ fashioned Blue Bell Ice cream with just about all the fixings you can think of! Stop by and tell Del hello!

5. Hank’s Ice Cream {9291 S Main St, Houston, TX 77025}

First of all, Hank Wiggins and his wife Okemah are adorable! They opened their ice cream parlor in 1985 and haven’t looked back. The list of ice cream recipes stretch more than 100 flavors long with about 16 of the most popular flavors available on any given day. The small cafe has a hometown, casual, and fun feel. Plus, every fourth visit you get a free ice cream.

6. The Chocolate Bar {1835 West Alabama & 2521 University Blvd}

The Chocolate Bar has ice cream?  It’s true!  And the Snowberry flavor is a year-round favorite. In fact, one of my good friends who has since moved away from Houston gets it EVERY TIME she is back. We plan our dinner our around The Chocolate Bar locations to make sure we hit it up. I’m almost sure she dreams about it.


7. The Sweet Tooth Shoppe {8503 FM 359, Fulshear, TX 77441}

This shop in Fulshear is known for it’s delicious ice cream … and cute ambiance! Plus, they also have a massive candy selection so you can satisfy your sweet tooth with all different flavors in one convenient spot.  Oh, and they also have a party space and stress-free party packages too!

8. Heart and Soul Creamery {The Woodlands, TX — Deliveries Only}

This soon-to-be mobile ice cream shop takes custom orders and will deliver to your party or event! They have fun treats like ice cream sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies and fruit loop ice cream.

9. The Fun Shop {9025 North Sam Houston Pkwy E #110, Humble, TX 77396}

The Fun Shop in Humble delivers on its name. They have homemade ice cream, shaved ice, and more cold treats – and you can also host a birthday party or ice cream social there. They have all sorts of old fashioned board games for customers to enjoy. The Fun Shop has a full calendar of events going on all the time, and all events include a scoop of ice cream. Yes, please!

10. Nonnie’s Soda Fountain {102 Market St, Tomball, TX 77375}

This old fashioned ice cream store is exactly what you would picture from back in the day. It’s cute and quaint, and they have really great malts and root beer floats!  They have several flavors of ice cream including Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Chunk.

Honestly, no matter what you choose, or how you mix it, shave it, or top it, it all comes down to quality ingredients for refreshing cool breaks from the heat. You just can’t go wrong with ice cream!

Happy Ice Cream Month in Houston! Where are your favorite places to get delectable frozen treats?

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Please Note :: While we make every effort to crosscheck current links and various business details on our guides, we always encourage you to do the same before making final plans. If details are missing or incorrect, please let us know so that we can make every attempt to correct them.

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  1. The Fun Shop is great! I had my daughter’s Birthday Party their and it was awesome! The staff was very nice and helpful!


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