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Since we did our photoshoot with Momma’s Gonna SNAP earlier this year, I’ve been dying to get back to The Heights.  I’ve lived in Houston my whole life and know the Heights but I don’t *know* The Heights.

It lies in that area between I10 and 610, from Ella to 45.  So I hopped on I10 West and exited Yale/Heights Blvd.  It spits you out right by the fantastic “We {heart} Houston” sign.  Left on Heights Blvd and boom – there I was.  The median is instantly filled with art installation to let you know what this part of town is all about.  If you like art, organic anything, local shops, dogs, live music, old houses, shopping, drinking, eating, living.  Then you need to enjoy The Heights.

The Shopping

After taking pics of the steeple and hopping in a giant lawn chair, I cruised down W19th street.  Thrift store!  Fire Sale!  Resale shops!  Not retail like “oh where I can get last season’s jeans from Banana Republic.”  Resale like your rich old aunt passed away and you need somewhere to sell her parlor furniture.  Awesome stuff to redo, or just clean up and use.  Old wedding dresses.  Singer sewing machines.  Antique shops EVERYWHERE.  A used record store.  Langford Market!

the heights

the heights 2
Paul Kittleson art

I ducked into a small bookshop because I simply can not resist them.  The Lift is the cutest.  Gifts, stationery, refrigerator magnets, a kids section, jewelry, and OH YEAH – BOOKS!  The shop worker told me that books are always 10% off, so it would be great if you wanted to get the HMB Book Club book in the store! ::wink, wink::

the heights 3

the heights 4
The Lift

The Food

I stopped at Boomtown coffee for a latte and muffin.  Nothing too complicated either.  You get a regular or a large. No difficult names to pronounce.  You put the cup and saucer in the dirty dishes when you’re down.  A true local coffee shop.  Oh, and did I mention the latte art?!

For lunch I had my cousin meet me at Jus Mac.  Yes.  A restaurant that just serves macaroni and cheese.  What’s that like?  Basically, heaven.  You need to check out the menu, but be prepared to drool all over your smart phone.  I had the Pit Master :: brisket, colby jack, and BBQ sauce.

Dessert took me to Gelazzi.  You might have seen this fabulous Houston mural on Instagram or Facebook and wonder where it came from.  A fabulous gelato shop on White Oak and Harvard.

No filters needed to Instagram this fabulous food.

Heights Food

If you want to just pick up something for cooking purposes, you have to stop by Penzey’s.  A spice store.  Any kind of spice you could think of or need in one place.  I picked up a frozen pizza seasoning {don’t judge me}, chili powder, and a steak rub.  Plenty of recipe ideas around the store to peel off and add to your bag if you are in a menu rut.  And if you’re feeling particularly Houstonian, pick up their 33rd and Galena rub.

Penzey's Spices

And speaking of being a Houstonian, no trip to The Heights would be complete without a trip to the Shipley’s Do-Nuts on Ella and 34th.  It’s basically an institution.  The donuts are always hot and delicious and worth however long you have to wait in line for them.  We all have a Shipley’s near us, but none will top this.

Shipley's Do Nuts

The Life

Art galleries.  Bars.  Parks.  Food trucks.  The Heights has them all.  Keep an eye out for musicians making an appearance at Fitzgerald’s.  A smaller venue, but that puts you right up on the stage.  You can swing by City Oven for pizza and games and live music.  Or have a girl’s night out at CRISP to try their choice wine selection and tapas.

The Heights

What’s your favorite part of  The Heights?  If you’re not familiar with this part of town, what are you looking forward to doing?

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