Houston’s Best Cool Treats for Hot Summer Days

Summer’s here and we all know what that means- it’s blazing hot in HTX! I’ve done some sleuthing to find a few of the best places around town to grab some cool treats.

Here’s my list of favorite spots to get cool treats in Houston, categorized by type.

Ice Cream/Soft Serve

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  1. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams– I first encountered a Jeni’s scoop shop while visiting Atlanta, Georgia. Went by for dessert after dinner one night and was immediately hooked. This ice cream is goooood, y’all. Try the flight so you can get a bunch of flavors. My current favorite is the raspberry rose jelly donut. 
  2. milk+sugar– the brainchild of a husband and wife duo, these self-proclaimed “ice cream enthusiasts” thought of flavor combos that they personally enjoyed and set out to create them. I like all of their flavors but Thai tea and “hello, summer!” are my absolute favorites. Stop by and support local by purchasing one of these cool treats!
  3. Flower & Cream– another local favorite. Their mix-ins are made in house and their ingredients are sourced from the area whenever possible. I love their honey roasted strawberry ice cream. Try a scoop in a fun waffle cone!
  4. Fat Cat Creamery– here’s another place that specializes in small batch ice cream crafted with local ingredients. Their Amaya coffee & cream flavor ice cream is indisputably the best coffee ice cream I’ve ever had in town. 
  5. Hank’s Ice Cream Parlor– Hank’s is a family owned shop that opened in 1985. 18 flavors are available each day {closed on Mondays}. You know it’s good when Queen Bey has been here! Run, don’t walk, and get yourself some banana pudding in a waffle cone. Their famous butter pecan is also popular! 
  6. SomiSomi– super creamy and delicious soft serve ice cream. I would spend every day of the summer here if I could. Their ah-boong {Korean taiyaki} is a fun add on; try the custard!
  7. Smoosh– Smoosh is a gourmet ice cream sandwich shop with 2 locations in Houston. The possibilities are endless here with all the yummy baked goods and ice cream flavors that they offer. Stop by to recreate your favorite childhood dessert! 


Houston's Best Cool Treats for Hot Summer Days

  1. Popfancy Dessert Bar– Popfancy features delicious popsicles that are handcrafted daily and made with organic sweeteners. Coconut lime and Vietnamese coffee are my favorites. You can find these pops in Chinatown or at the Galleria. 
  2. Friohana– Friohana is a food truck that specializes in Hawaiian shave ice. Follow them on Facebook for the most up-to-date info on their flavors and locations. 
  3. Nu Café– Nu Café’s speciality is “snowflake ice,” which takes ten hours to prepare. I’ve personally tried it before and I can attest to its snowflake like consistency. Super soft but with a gelato-like punch of flavor. So yummy! 
  4. Ay Jalisco Paleteria Y Neveria– this place has delicious fruit & cream popsicles for an amazing price. Oh, and their mangonadas are great, too.
  5. MeetFresh– I have a special place in my heart for this Taiwanese chain because one bite of any of their desserts immediately transports me back to my childhood. All the cool treats on the menu is delicious; I truly haven’t had a bad bowl. Their herbal jelly and soft taro balls {the best I’ve had in Houston!} are the must-eats here.
  6. Snowy Village– this dessert shop serves up Korean shaved ice, aka bingsu. I’m a sucker for any of their fruit topped ice concoctions and also adore their custard filled taiyaki. 
  7. Juice Box– Juice Box is another ice shop that has been a fixture in Chinatown for years. I love their Chinese yogurt smoothies and mango shaved ice. Bring friends with you because the portions are enormous.


Houston's Best Cool Treats for Hot Summer Days

  1. TeaTop– TeaTop originated in 2006 and uses top graded teas in their bubble drinks. My favorites are the mung bean milk slushy and the Earl Grey milk tea with 3Q {less sugar and less ice}. 
  2. Sharetea– one of my favorite boba shops. My favorite drinks here are the QQ Happy Family, Hokkaido pearl milk tea and the Hawaii fruit tea with aiyu jelly. 
  3. Candy Shack Daiquiris– this is on my list of places to try. Apparently their daiquiris are the best in Houston! They can also make them sans alcohol and kiddo friendly! 
  4. Little Matt’s– this place comes highly recommended by another HMB contributor, Vicky Y. Swing by this family friendly joint for real icees!

So there you have it:: a short(ish) list of my favorite spots for cool treats around H-Town. Now I would love to hear from you! Got a hidden gem or hole in the wall to share? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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