Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: Houston’s Best Fall Products

It’s Fall, Ya’ll! And to get you in the spirit of the season in our city, we’re giving you a list of Houston’s best fall products for you and your family to enjoy.

kids sit on old truck in pumpkin patchIt might be one of the easiest bandwagons I’ve ever hopped on. You know the one. That fateful day in…what is it now, August? When Starbucks announces that the oh-so-loved Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at all their locations, and the mad dash commences for all of us vulnerable American consumers to “get our fix.”

I don’t necessarily rush anymore to purchase this beverage, but you better believe it’s incorporated into my seasonal repertoire of enjoying all things Fall. This year, I have paid attention to my gullible gravitations towards these seasonal consumer products, and since the options seem to be ever-expanding, and getting more and more delicious, I started to track the newest and best {according to moi} so I don’t forget to find them again the next Fall season.

Without further ado, here is my list of Houston’s Best Fall products. Oh, and to all the companies and businesses that indirectly received free marketing from this: you’re welcome.

Pumpkin Spice Latte with Oatmilk:  Dandelion Café

Obviously, Starbuck’s gets the originality award for concocting such a perfectly delicious coffee treat; however, all good things get replicated, and we can now pretty much have a PSL anywhere we go. I happen to live near this quaint, adorable café in the heart of Bellaire, where frankly, the best baristas do their thing with some of the best coffee beans out there. {Bonus: it’s a black and woman-owned local enterprise.} I am never let down by their coffees nor their food, and when I requested a PSL with oat milk {shout out to all my lactose intolerant friends}, I was pretty blown away. It is a little lighter on the sweetness factor, which I prefer, and y’all, they even design the foam with cute little hearts. I mean, how can I not favor the Dandelion PSL?

latte on yellow plate

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Almond & Oat Non-Dairy Creamer

Of course, we can’t go to Starbucks or any other coffee shop on the daily…unless that’s part of your budget. So, I happened to pick up one of these babies in my local HEB, and let me tell you, it makes me so happy. I’m one of those people that read all the labels and look for options lower in sugar, and this one was, by far, the lowest {we’re talking 5 grams per serving} and I am so, so satisfied with the taste that I just thank Starbucks for producing these store-bought products that add a little joy to our everyday routines, and make us feel like we’ve frequented their coffee shop whenever our hearts desire.

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix

Dear Trader Joe’s, in October, you are basically my best friend, and of course some of your products are going to be included in this list of Houston’s best fall products. If I don’t make it to your store any other time of the year, I MUST see you in all your glory each October. Your delicious, economical fall products rock my world, and seriously bring me so much joy all season long.

I have several favorites of yours {more to follow}, but this one was new to me, and for oatmeal cookie lovers like myself, this is just heaven in the mouth. My husband, who is a cookie connoisseur, found his absolute favorite cookie- the chocolate chili cookie at Houston’s own Pondicherri. If you’ve never had their oven-warmed, melt-in-your mouth, fresh treats, you have not lived. After eating one of the Trader Joe’s cookies, my husband declared, and I quote, “these are almost as good as the Pondicherri cookies.” You heard it folks. Oatmeal, chocolate chunks, fall spices like ginger and fairy dust…I promise you won’t regret this purchase.

pumpkin cookies and mix

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream

While I’m waxing poetic about my favorite Fall food market {isn’t alliteration so much fun?}, this is an oldie but goodie that is so satisfying I don’t know what else to say. I remember when it first came out, the store had to ask shoppers to limit one per person. Need I say more? If I did have to add any more words, I would say, go ahead and top it with these bad boys. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Trader Joe’s Fall Harvest Salsa

OK, OK, ONE more ode to this mastermind of a grocery store. I bought this stuff on a whim, thinking it probably won’t be great, and maybe even be lacking in complex flavor. Dude, was I proven wrong. I dipped one of Trader Joe’s fabulous pumpkin tortilla chips into this salsa, and my mouth exploded with flavor. It was the perfect balance of spice and seasonal veggie chunks. It is honestly one of the best salsas I’ve ever tasted, and I will be back for this.

Common Bond Pumpkin Croissant

Let’s talk about my favorite bakery in Houston. Sometimes when I go here, I am transported back to France as I ogle at their beautiful array of fresh, delicious baked goods. The difference in Houston is that you get a larger size. Probably not necessary, but eating more of what you savor is great. If you love fresh, baked goods and pumpkin, this place scores a home run with this perfect Fall treat. Their coffee and brunch items are pretty amazing too, and deserve a spot on our list of Houston’s best fall products.

Durham’s Hot Chocolate Almonds

I originally found these amazing delicacies one day at the end of the aisle when I was shopping at HEB. I was skeptical, but the moment I popped one in my mouth, I knew I was in trouble. My family indulged in these like there was no tomorrow. Sadly, when I went back to buy more, there weren’t any more in that flavor. So, I “settled” for their next creation on the market: the hot chocolate almonds. Little did I know these would blow the pumpkin pie ones out of the water. I have been back a few times and noticed this brand is now offering holiday season treats, including Egg Nog and Candy Cane Peppermint almonds, which I’m sure are amazing too. Durham, whoever you are, you’re a genius.

chocolate almonds, pumpkin, and hot chocolate mix

Linden Candle Company Sweater Weather candle

I found this amazing smelling candle at my local Whole Foods market, along with other fabulous fall-scented candles surrounding it. I was curious to find out what “sweater weather” smelled like, so I took a sniff and immediately put the candle in my shopping cart. The company is out of McKinney, Texas and each candle is handmade with soy wax and a wooden wick, so it makes that lovely crackling sound as it burns.

Louisburg Apple Cider

Let’s be honest. Is it ever really Fall until you take your first sip of fresh apple cider? It is usually displayed front and center at my local HEB whenever it’s in season, and I can never resist adding one to my cart and enjoying it in many different ways at home {for an amazing cocktail, follow this recipe.

Local Pumpkin Patches

Last, but not least, you can’t have genuine pumpkin products without the actual pumpkins themselves. Take a day with your family, and go enjoy the fun activities, shows and shopping these local farms have to offer. Houston Moms especially loves Dewberry Farm and Blessington Farms. Both boast tons of photo ops with the cutest staged backgrounds, and an outstanding variety of fresh pumpkins to take back home with you. We love picking out our pumpkins for the season at local pumpkin patches, because we know we will find some of the highest quality and varied species options out there and we have the opportunity to support a local, family-owned business.
family sits in pumpkin patchOur great city has so much to offer this season. What would you add to our list of Houston’s best fall products?



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