Houston’s Best Restaurants {…Delivered!}

Before kids, I absolutely loved to cook.  I’d come home from a busy day at work, pour a glass of wine, and find so much joy in following an intricate recipe and whipping up something that looks like it came straight off of the Food Network.  But then I had one kid, and then another, and now I have come to loathe the hours from 5 – 7pm.  Between “starving” children at my feet, afterschool meltdowns {from the kids and even occasionally me}, and two working parents with crazy schedules — cooking has become much more of a chore than a source of contentment, and sometimes I put my foot down and just simply don’t want to do it.  But alas, my kids still need to eat, and so was born my love affair with dinner delivery.

For awhile, we were somewhat okay with the literally two restaurants who delivered to our home in the suburbs of Houston {a local pizza chain and a Chinese dive restaurant}, but we all soon got burnt out on cheese pizza and sweet and sour chicken.  That is, until our partners at DoorDash continued their expansion and started delivering to my neck of the woods.  {…do you hear that?  That’s the sound of angels singing!}  Quickly, they’ve become not only my go to food delivery service for friends who recently had babies or are recovering from surgery, but also a staple in my meal planning too.

And thanks to our awesome friends over at DoorDash, all Houston Moms Blog readers can get $5 off on a $25 order {minimum} from now through the end of March!  It couldn’t be easier – just head to their website or download their app, set up a free account, and then use the code MOMS5 at checkout.  You’re welcome. *wink*

So after doing LOTS of yummy research and eating my way across Houston, I’m going to let you in on a few of my absolute faves, as well as menu items that you should definitely check out too.  From date nights at home to family favorites, and from healthy eats to the perfect in-office lunch, I’ve got you covered with some of Houston’s best restaurants…delivered straight to your door!

Houston's Best Restaurants Delivered

>>> INNER LOOP <<<

Best Date Night at Home :: Kiran’s Restaurant

My hubby LOVES trying new foods.  Me?  Not so much.  But date nights for us are all about acknowledging the other and showing interest in what makes one another happy, and I can’t think of anything more romantic for him than some new exciting foods, Netflix streaming one of his favorite movies, and a nice little fire roaring in the background.  {Cue the Marvin Gaye…}

Best Family Favorite :: Bucca Di Beppo

Y’all.  My daughter can eat her weight in their spaghetti with meatballs.  And my whole family loves how their meals come family style, so we can order a few menu items and then all enjoy a little of this and a little of that.

Best Healthy Eats :: Snap Kitchen

Another one of my faves, I love how Snap Kitchen has taken the guess work out of clean eating.   Just be sure to add a snack or two onto your order, as I love munching on their grab and go goodness between meals.  {Pssst…my kids always request that I add a gluten-free brownie as well.  Of course, I happily oblige most days!)

Best In-Office Lunch :: Pizzitola’s Bar-B-Cue

Now you may not think of BBQ when you think of the best meals to eat in-office, but hear me out…  My husband and his co-workers love to check out BBQ joints around Houston over lunch.  But unfortunately, busy schedules and back-to-back appointments don’t always allow them to travel away from their desks let alone all across town, so the next best option is definitely delivery!

Best Breakfast :: Snap Kitchen

I love Snap Kitchen so much that I’ve just got to include it for best breakfast too!  My personal breakfast order there? Bison breakfast bowl, fruit medley, and almon’ccino, please. 

>>> GALLERIA <<<

Best Date Night at Home :: Sukothai

Date nights out are hard to schedule, but date nights in are easy and fun.  We just put the kids to bed a little earlier, order in some yummy cuisine neither of us have any idea how to cook {read :: thai food}, and then enjoy adult conversation over a glass or two of wine.  Perfection!

Best Family Favorite :: Jenni’s Noodle House

Noodles…need I say more?!?  This is one of those foods that everyone in my house is a raving fan of, and I love that we can each order our noodles exactly how we like them – which for my kids means JJ’s Slippery Noodles with rice noodles and grilled chicken.  Yum!

Best Healthy Eats :: White Oak

Another healthy + delicious option.  Check out their Guilt-Free section for options like street tacos and burgers for low carb and high protein eating.

Best In-Office Lunch ::  Narin’s Bombay Brasserie

Quick?  Easy?  Something to give you a quick escape in the middle of the day?  Check, check, and check!  This is a great alternative to the typical turkey sandwich that you usually pack for lunch.

Best Breakfast :: New York Bagel & Coffee Shop

For me, nothing screams breakfast more than a bagel and coffee.  But their menu spans well beyond the usual bagel with cream cheese route.  If you’re looking for breakfast Monday through Friday, try their Breakfast Special – complete with two eggs, choice of home fries, grits, tomato or potato pancake, bagel or toast, and butter & jelly.  Boom.  Breakfast is served.

>>> KATY <<<

Best Date Night at Home :: Grimaldi’s

Spinach Salad + Brooklyn Bridge Pizza + Grimaldi’s Famous Cannoli = Date Night at Home Perfection!  The only thing missing is a bottle of wine, but thankfully, I’ve always got a bottle or two chilled and waiting.

Best Family Favorite :: Alicia’s Mexican Grille

Excuse me for a second while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.  Alicia’s has quickly become one of my family’s favorite Mexican food restaurants, but as much as we love the ambiance there — we don’t always feel like packing up the kids and making the trek.  Thankfully, we can still enjoy a big batch of chile con queso and Fajitas Alicia {mixed, please!}, and the only thing missing are the margaritas.  Those sweet, delicious margaritas. {Hey DoorDash, can you pleeease find a way to deliver those too??}

Best Healthy Eats :: Cedar’s Mediterranean Grill

This restaurant is next up on my list to order out from!  I’m a total hummus junky, and I have heard that their’s is delicious.  Plus, they’ve got some awesome veggie platters and kabobs which are both healthy and full of flavor too.

Best In-Office Lunch :: BB’s Cafe

Another absolute favorite.  BB’s Cafe has food like nothing I’ve ever tasted before, and let me just say that Maw Maw’s Grillades & Grits and/or any and all of their po’boys make an ideal lunch to help get you over the hump and push you through the day!

Best Breakfast :: Dish Society

Have you had Dish Society yet?  If not, you must add this to your food delivery bucket list!  I have yet to eat something from there that I haven’t fallen head over heels in love with, but topping my list are the Brisket N’ Eggs and their Nutella French Toast.  {One word :: Ermahgerd.}

>>> MEMORIAL <<<

Best Date Night at Home :: Carmelo’s Italian

Growing up in west Houston, I remember that my mom and dad would hire a babysitter for me and my brother and go out on date nights to Carmelo’s fairly regularly.  Now, how sweet is it to do date nights in with my main squeeze, but still enjoy some of the same delicious foods my parents did back in their days.  Awww…

Best Family Favorite :: Jason’s Deli

My whole family has a slight obsession with Jason’s Deli, and I love that their expansive menu ensures that there is something for everyone…no matter the mood we are currently in.  While my hubby and I love trying out all different things, my son almost always goes for the JD Nuggetz though.  And my daughter is definitely a cheese pizza kinda girl.

Best Healthy Eats :: Urban Kitchen

So. Many. Options.  From flatbreads to salads to tuna tartare, there is something for everyone – including vegan options and other specialties too!

Best In-Office Lunch :: Beck’s Prime

A Houston classic!  Beck’s Prime has awesome, hearty lunch options for you and your co-workers to catch up on all of the water cooler gossip over.  My recommendation?  Go for the sandwich menu for everything from California Chicken to Pork Banh Mi.

Best Breakfast :: Chick-fil-A

If you’ve ever met me, then you know that CFA is pretty much my one, true foodie love.  And if you’ve yet to have their breakfast, then a} what – have you been living under a rock? and b} do yourself a favor and go ahead and order it now.  Everything is ah-mazingly good {trust me, I’ve literally had one of everything on the menu}, but for starters go with the Chick-n-Minis meal.  Your life will never be the same.

>>> SUGAR LAND <<<

Best Date Night at Home :: Lupe Tortilla

What’s better than going to Lupe Tortilla for a date night over chile con queso, sizzling fajitas, and bunuelos for dessert?  Having it delivered to your door and eating it from your couch after your kiddos hit the hay, of course!  In fact, just the other night our dinner date plans were cancelled when my little one came down with fever at the last minute, but this was the perfect alternative and oh-so-good.

Best Family Favorite :: Ragin’ Cajun

Not sure why, but lately my family has been on a huge Cajun kick.  And while we love going out for Zydeco music and packed restaurants, there is something about ordering in some boudin balls, catfish fillets, and po-boys, then spreading out at the table and enjoying the quiet of our own house together too.

Best Healthy Eats :: Ruggles Green

Ruggles Green, how much do I love thee?  Let me count the ways… 1} Your goat cheese salad 2} your roasted chicken sandwich 3} your white chocolate bread pudding, etc, etc, etc.  Basically, I love how you make all of my favorites healthy by using local, fresh, and organic ingredients.  Signed, Your Not-So-Secret Admirer

Best In-Office Lunch :: Guru Burger

Whether you are jonesing for a grass fed Texas Akaushi Beef burger or a gourmet salmon spinach crepe, this spot has something that everyone in your office will love!

Best Breakfast :: Cafe Express

I’m not sure how I just discovered the fact that Cafe Express has breakfast, but I am SO glad that I did.  AND, they even have a Children’s Breakfast section with items like french toast and eggs!

Phew!  I know that’s A LOT of eating for you to do.  But just remember — whether you are inside the loop or out in some of the suburbs, DoorDash makes eating delicious easy…and FUN.  And don’t forget, all Houston Moms Blog readers can get $5 off on a $25 order {minimum} from now through the end of March!  Just head to their website or download their app, set up a free account, and then use the code MOMS5 at checkout.  Chances are, you just might become a fast fan like me.

Houston's Best Restaurants Delivered 2

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts on DoorDash and the ideas for meal delivery are completely my own.

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