How Silver Diamine Fluoride Can Save Primary Teeth

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Has your child mentioned that his tooth feels funny? Are you dreading the anxiety and fear that your kid might experience when receiving treatment for his first cavity? There’s an alternative to filling primary teeth cavities, and the experts at Grand Mission Dentistry can help.

In the past, there have only been a few options to treat cavities – fillings and crowns being the most popular. Both are effective in preventing the growth of tooth decay and protecting against future decay. While these solutions work well for adult teeth, they’re not always good for the primary teeth of children.

Children’s teeth are smaller and more delicate, so they have to be treated with extra care. Plus, procedures that treat primary teeth are often more costly and can feel more invasive to sensitive little mouths. We know that your child will eventually have his adult teeth grow in, so complex procedures aren’t always the right solution.

If you’re worried about your child’s oral health, but don’t want to risk the integrity of his teeth, there’s an FDA-approved solution that’s less costly and completely non-invasive, making it the perfect treatment for young children. It’s called Silver Diamine Fluoride.

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver Diamine Fluoride is an odorless and colorless liquid, but don’t let that fool you. It has active components that strengthen the dentin in teeth. These two active ingredients are silver and fluoride. The silver strengthens and protects your dentin while the fluoride isolates and ‘freezes’ the decaying parts of the tooth.

The reaction of the fluoride with the decayed tooth causes the area to darken and turn black, but does not discolor the healthy parts of the tooth or gums. It will stain any cloth or skin that it comes into contact with, but will eventually fade and disappear after a week or so. A single drop of the solution can cover multiple teeth, making it an extremely cost-effective procedure. Even though the solution has to be reapplied every six months, it’s still a cheaper option than a full crown – especially for children whose adult teeth will be erupting in just a few short years.

The application is very quick and painless. Silver Diamine Fluoride involves simply placing drops of the solution onto affected teeth. Most of the procedure is spent allowing the solution to cover and isolate the decay in the tooth. Your child won’t feel a thing and the tiny amounts used means that it is not dangerous if accidentally ingested.

What are the benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

The active ingredients in Silver Diamine Fluoride each benefit the tooth separately, but they are even more effective together.

Here are just a few perks of the solution::

  • Non-invasive – The treatment requires no additional equipment, technology or cleaning. All that is necessary is for your child to open wide and let the doctor carefully place the droplets.
  • Cost-effective – One drop can cover multiple teeth making Silver Diamine Fluoride an inexpensive option compared to a filling or crown. It does not have as long a lifespan, but with adult teeth arriving soon, a permanent solution is often unnecessary.
  • Works fast – Silver Diamine Fluoride requires no additional appointments and halts tooth decay quickly. There’s no preparation needed, and it doesn’t impair function or require additional attention.
  • An interim solution – For younger patients, some treatments like fillings or crowns are too painful or invasive for them at that age. Silver Diamine Fluoride can treat their teeth every few months until they are old enough to accept a more permanent solution like fillings or crowns.
  • Hardens dentin & removes hypersensitivity – While isolating the existing decay, Silver Diamine Fluoride also strengthens any weakened dentin. This keeps the decay from returning and makes the tooth more resistant to acidity and damage.

Who can Silver Diamine Fluoride benefit?

Patients who are ineligible for common dental procedures, such as fillings, are great candidates for Silver Diamine Fluoride.

Patients who might consider this treatment include::

  • Medically or behaviorally challenged patients – If your child has a disability or has difficulty communicating, this painless, non-invasive and quick treatment ensures that they receiving quality dental care.
  • Very young patients – Some patients are too young to follow directions well, or perhaps they have very short attention spans. Silver Diamine Fluoride takes just a few minutes, making it a quick and easy option for fidgety youngsters.
  • Patients who cannot afford healthcare – The low-cost nature of the solution means that it’s affordable and accessible for those who cannot afford more costly procedures.
  • Patients with multiple cavities – If your child has multiple untreated cavities, the Silver Diamine Fluoride solution can cover the damage with as little as a single drop.
  • Patients with oral hypersensitivity – The application of Silver Diamine Fluoride immediately ceases hypersensitivity of the affected tooth by ‘freezing’ the decay. Your child won’t need to worry about pain or nerve damage.

Looking for the right treatment for your child’s cavities? If so, then the folks at Grand Mission Dentistry are ready to help! Silver Diamine Fluoride is available at Grand Mission Dentistry! It can be difficult finding the right dental care for your children. At Grand Mission Dentistry in Richmond, Texas, we work with you to find the right treatment plan for your family, regardless of your situation. We care deeply about our community and want every family in Richmond to have quality healthcare at a price they can afford.

If your children have cavities or tooth decay, Silver Diamine Fluoride is a fast, efficient solution to the problem. The formula stops the advancement of decay, and can save primary teeth until adult teeth are ready to erupt.

Still have questions on how to keep your baby’s teeth clean? We have a free dental e-book with expert advice from Dr. Sung!


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