How to Clean Out and Clean Up This Holiday Season!

Please Note :: We have loved partnering together with our sponsor Kid to Kid – Houston Galleria for a fun series of posts dedicated to OUR favorite toys for the littlest of babies to the biggest of boys and girls. If you missed some of the earlier posts of this series, then keep reading.  The links are listed below, and you’ll want to be sure you check them out as you make your holiday shopping lists too!

DSC_0766Kid to Kid‘s motto is “we buy and sell the best things kids outgrow.”  We all know that kids grow like weeds, so it’s always a no-brainer to take old clothes that they’ve outgrown to a resale shop.  My mom always had an ongoing pile of clothing that my sister {my irish twin sister} and I had outgrown, and like mother, like daughter — I have a growing stash put away in a closet ready for resale.  But I’ve also added something else to the stash this year…toys and baby gear!

As the holidays approach and our wee-ones are making their list and checking it twice, it’s so good to know that Kid to Kid buys gently used toys and baby items.  So that truck set that your son just HAD to have last year, but then never ended up playing with?  Or that princess doll that quickly got overlooked once THE snow princess made her way into the scene??  Yup.  Those would both be perfect items to pack up and haul in.  Plus, it will add some money back into your pockets, you know — so you can turn around and buy the latest and greatest for this holiday season.  Cha-ching, cha-ching.

It’s helpful to know that Kid to Kid {located in the heart of The Galleria area} accepts and buys all types of items for resale, but here are some items to especially consider this time of year…

  • Of course, we have to mention toys.  As you prepare for a brand new haul this holiday season, consider going through and trying to decrease your kiddo’s stash by about half.  Toys that they have outgrown, toys that they no longer play with, toys that drive you absolutely batty.  It’s the perfect time to say “bye-bye” before you say “hello” to a whole new set of gifts and goodies.
  • …and clothes.  As the weather is getting colder, you might notice that your wee-one has outgrown their jacket from last year or that their pants are looking more like high waters.  It’s the perfect time to pack up all of those old clothes and resell them too.  {For tips on how to get the most cash back, read here.}
  • Baby gear is another big ticket item that your baby usually outgrows all too soon — and then just sits around taking up valuable storage space.  Kid to Kid buys all types of gear from strollers to baby monitors, and those items are always in high demand which means money in your pocket too.
  • Now that Halloween is over, consider selling your old Halloween costumes.  These are packed away and saved for next year when K2K hosts a big costume unveiling — usually in early September.
  • Cowboy boots are a hot commodity amongst kiddos, or at least they are in my house — my threenager wants to wear his cowboys every single day.  Have old boots that are now too small?  Take them to Kid to Kid in time for their Rodeo Round Up that takes place yearly as winter turns to spring — just in time for Go Texan Day and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  And for those looking to buy new boots, their Rodeo Round Up is the perfect time to stock up as well.

The holidays and gift giving can add up and be expensive, especially when you have a child who is ob-sessed with Thomas the Train and has asked Santa for five train sets and nothing else.  Sigh. On the flip side, it’s especially tricky when your child asks for something that you’re not sure if they’ll actually ever play with — definitely a time to check out local resale shops.  Kid to Kid prides themselves on sticking to and picking quality items in good condition with many of their items being top brands coveted by moms and families.  And because it’s a resale shop, they are able to sell them for a fraction of the price.

Be sure to follow Kid to Kid on Facebook — it’s your front row seat to see all the great items they get in and keep up with all of their great sales and special shopping opportunities.  Below are just a few of the toys posted on their Facebook page over the past few months.


And since we’re on the subject of toys, be sure to check out the top toy recommendations from some of our most trusted writers!  We’ve got best toys for babies, best toys for toddlers, and best toys for big kids too.  Then head over to Kid to Kid, and shop til you drop this holiday season…

Kid to Kid Houston Galleria

1737 Post Oak Boulevard

Houston, TX 77056


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