How to Host a Freezer Meal Party with your Mom Tribe

You know that saying that’s everywhere these days, “Find your tribe. Love them hard?” I found my tribe. I love them hard… and we have freezer meal parties. 

In case you have not heard of it, a freezer meal party is when a group of friends get together and prepare and cook freezer-friendly meals. Each participant cooks one {or more} meals in bulk and, in turn, goes home with a variety of meals ready to place in the freezer and prepare at a busy moment’s notice. 

There are three ways to host or hold a freezer meal party ::

  1. Host the party and purchase all of the ingredients for your friends. Divide the total cost of the ingredients purchased amongst the group. Divide up meals amongst your friends to prep all at one time during the party. The most money is definitely saved during this method as food can be bought in bigger bulk. 
  2. Host the party, but have your friends purchase and bring their recipe’s ingredients to the event. Prepare the food all at one time during the party. 
  3. Have each friend prepare and divide their meals in their own home and host a social get-together where the meals are swapped amongst the group.  

Most, if not all, of my friends are in a time of their lives where option #2 or #3 is definitely the most efficient and reasonable. With all that being said, here is how my friends and I typically go about this…

Party Prep

The designated host will send an email, group message, or Facebook event to those interested in participating. This allows all the communication to be in one place for easy planning and reference. A date, time and location is picked and any food allergies or sensitivities are made known to the group. We typically plan for at least three hours so this is a great weekend afternoon activity. The group starts to throw out recipe ideas so that there are no duplicates and there are a variety of meals at the end of the day. 

A few days before the party, we all purchase our ingredients and any supplies needed, like freezer bags or containers. Each recipe needs to be multiplied by the number of guests attending, so be sure to bring enough food and containers for each person’s freezer meal.

Everyone prints out their recipe and cooking instructions so that they can be included with the frozen meal. {Tip: I double bag my meals and put the recipe card in the outside bag. It stays with its meal for quick accessibility, stays clean and you can reuse the exterior freezer bag for another party.}

Day of the Party

As an attendee, I typically bring tons of freezer bags, an apron, cutting board, baking dishes or sheet pans and knives or special tools needed to prep my meal. This is also something that can be coordinated through the host. If she has extra cooking equipment, you wouldn’t need to bring all of this with you. In addition, I bring all of my ingredients and supplies in a large laundry basket or cooler {if you have a longer way to travel} for easy transport to and from the party. 

As a host, it’s important to have a work station for each participant and some food and drinks to keep your friends fed and hydrated. It’s also important to clear out some space in your refrigerator and freezer so everyone’s ingredients can stay cold before and after the preparation.

Have Fun!

This is a great time to catch up with friends and also come away with a stocked freezer to feed your family. Freezer meals come in handy when you are pressed for time and need a home cooked meal after a busy day. These parties are also a great group gift to give to a first or second {or third or fourth!} time mom. Who wouldn’t want a stocked freezer after having a baby? 

What are your favorite freezer meals? 


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Ann grew up in central Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State, where she met and later married her husband, Cory. They moved to Houston in 2007 and she started working in the nonprofit sector handling communications and marketing. She’s mom to three kids, Jack {June 2104}, Colin {September 2016}, and Abby {April 2019} and had every intention of being a working mom, but several months after their first was born her husband’s job led them to Calgary, Alberta Canada. After moving back to the area in September 2017, they gave up their previous inner loop status for suburban roots and are living in Spring. In her free time, Ann loves starting projects she never seems to finish, reading a good book and binge watching something other than Frozen or Dino Dan. Connect with her via Instagram {@annherlocher}.


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