How to Minimize Your Risk of COVID-19 and Still Get Needed Care

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In many ways, it seems like life as we’ve always known it has come to a screeching halt. Calendars once full of spring events- kids’ sports, end of the school year awards ceremonies, graduations, weekend getaways- now sit empty with every passing day indistinguishable from the one before it. But some things haven’t changed. Along with the fear of our loved ones and ourselves contracting COVID-19, we still have to live with the possibility of getting sick or being injured and needing medical care. 

I know I’m not alone in my fear of visiting a medical facility right now. We’ve been self-isolating for weeks, but I dread one of my kids coming down with strep throat or an ear infection, or falling off their bike and needing an x-ray. What if we visit the doctor and leave with a prescription for antibiotics but also exposure to COVID-19? 

Fortunately, Next Level Urgent Care has put several measures in place to minimize my family’s risk of COVID-19 while also offering top-level standard of care. Some of these include::

Virtual Office Visits 

Next Level Urgent Care is now accepting virtual appointments through their website.  Patients with upper respiratory illness, allergies, pink eye, rashes, or other conditions that don’t need to be examined in person can hop on video with a provider for an evaluation.  If an in-person examination or testing is deemed necessary, the provider will refer you to a clinic for follow up. 

Minimal Traffic in the Clinic

How to Minimize Your Risk of COVID-19 and Still Get Needed Care

Next Level Urgent Care recognizes that the best way to keep their patients and staff safe is to minimize traffic inside the clinics.  So, in addition to virtual visits, all of their clinics now have signs posted letting patients know that if they are experiencing upper respiratory, cough, or cold symptoms, they should return their vehicle and call our clinic or “get in line” through their app.  The Next Level techs will take vitals car-side, while fully covered in personal protective equipment, and a provider will call to go over symptoms and conclude the visit. 

Extra Precautions Inside the Clinic

For those that do need to enter the clinic, the Next Level Urgent Care staff have been thoroughly sanitizing  exam rooms between patients as usual, and are now taking extra precautions to ensure that the waiting area is as germ free as possible.  They are also always happy to re-wipe down anything in the clinic in front of you if you need some extra assurance.  

Finally, all of the staff members have been provided with their own N95 mask which they are encouraged to wear at all times while in the clinic.  Anyone examining patients with upper respiratory illness are fully equipped with personal protective wear.  

Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing

How to Minimize Your Risk of COVID-19 and Still Get Needed Care

If I do suspect someone in my family has contracted COVID-19, I will definitely want to get a test as quickly and safely as possible, to avoid spreading the virus to anyone else. Next Level Urgent Care now has drive through COVID-19 testing sites at their Sienna Plantation, Katy, Champions, Tanglewood, and Woodlands locations. All their staff conducting the drive-through testing are fully equipped with personal protective gear, including N95 masks.

This is an extremely stressful time for everyone, but I am so thankful that Next Level Urgent Care is available should I need them. It really puts my mind at ease that they have been so diligent in taking steps to make receiving medical care right now a little less nerve-wracking.  

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