5 Tips on How to Prevent LICE

There are few things in this world that creep me out more than lice.  The thought of my child catching them at gymnastics or daycare makes my skin crawl, and I start scratching my hair out of paranoia.  When I received word a month ago that four kids were sent home from my daughter’s daycare with lice, I didn’t even know what to do.  I’d heard of treatments and even boutique salons that will eradicate lice for a small fortune, but I wanted to know how to prevent lice.

Luckily, I have a lot of awesome people in my life who have walked this road and were all too happy to share their tips and tricks, and the CDC offers great tips on how to prevent lice too.  A month later, a few more kids have been sent home with the creepy crawlers, but we’re still lice free.  {Knock on wood.}  Here are the ways we’re working to prevent lice from spreading to my daughter…

How to Prevent Lice

  1. No Close Contact :: I have to praise our daycare for talking to the kids as soon as lice was discovered.  They asked them to not hug one another and instead give high fives.  They also took all blankets out of the room to be washed in case those had already been infected.  I’ve also limited the toys we bring to daycare, so there are no stowaways at the end of the day.
  2. Say No to Sharing :: As a rule of thumb, we always teach our daughter to be kind and share.  But with the lice ordeal having us in red alert, we have given her strict instructions not to share jackets, hats, hair bows, etc.
  3. Dirty Hair, Don’t Care :: Lice has a stigma of being attached to kids who aren’t clean, but that’s not necessarily the case.  Lice actually prefers clean hair, because it makes it easier for them to crawl around.  A lot of the HMB team say they don’t wash their kids’ hair very often for this reason.  My daughter tends to end up with dirt and food in her hair, so I do wash it daily, but I’ll add hair spray and leave in conditioner to it before sending her to daycare.
  4. Tea Tree Oil :: Whether you’re on board with natural oils or not, tea tree oil works!  You can buy tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner at any store, but I bought actual tea tree oil from HEB and just add a few drops to my daughter’s leave in conditioner that we use twice a day.
  5. Braid It :: Kids with long hair pick up lice more easily because their hair is more likely to brush against infected items.  Braiding the hair or putting it in a bun helps to avoid contact with floors, toys, and other children.  Plus – we’ve had fun with new braid designs in our house since the lice scare.

Of course, even the best intentions can sometimes fail when it comes to lice prevention.  That is why HMB contributor Stephanie is going to share her pro tips for eradicating lice soon!  Stay tuned…

Spill it!  What are YOUR lice prevention secrets?

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