How To Read More Books {Yes, You Can Do It!}

How To Read More Books {Yes, You Can Do It!} | Houston Moms Blog

Are you one of the many moms who would like to read more books? It’s possible! No really, it is!

I love reading – it’s my escape, my exploration, my classroom. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my mom friends say that they wish they had time for reading, or that they used to read but don’t anymore, or that they don’t know how I manage to fit it in. 

If you can relate, I have ideas for you! Reading CAN become a part of your life again.

Know what you like to read

It’s essential to know what you actually like to read, not just what you think you like, or what everyone else seems to like. I suggest starting with this excellent and fun reading personality quiz. It comes with a list of suggestions, which for me was eerily accurate.

You might also try joining Goodreads, where you can track your reading and connect with other readers. Over time, you’ll see whose taste you share and get recommendations. It helps to have a list of books to read, so you’re never without ideas.

Read more than one book at a time

Your mood changes from day to day, or even throughout the day, so it makes sense that you might not want to read the same kind of book at all times. I like to start my day out reading a few pages of nonfiction, usually something faith-based or personal development, then have a classic or literary fiction book going, as well as something lighter like a mystery or YA on audio.

{Conversely, you may find that reading more than one book at a time makes you feel too scattered, and you may do better sticking to one. Know yourself!}

Try audiobooks

Speaking of audiobooks, they are a secret weapon! Listen to them in the car, while doing chores, or running errands. Audiobooks are easy to get through services like Audible, or get them for free from your library using apps like Overdrive.

Pro Tip :: set your audiobook speed to 1.25x and get through them even faster!

Always have a book with you

Think of all the “in between” times we have during the day that we usually spend checking our phones. Here’s a challenge :: carry a book with you and for one day, reach for it instead of your phone and see how much progress you can make. This is actually my primary strategy, and I end up getting through about 50 books per year.

Create time to read

Think about your daily schedule. Can you carve out time that is just for reading? Maybe during naptime, or right before bed? I work outside the home, and I have designated lunchtime as for reading only. While I eat, I read, and I don’t look at my phone or do any work.

Join or start a book club

This is a great option if you need accountability to follow through, or if you are a social person. Ask around and see if anyone you know is active in a book club, or find one on Meetup. There are also some great online book clubs, Facebook groups, or you could try a service like Book of the Month.

How do you fit reading in your life? Which of these ideas would work best for you?


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