How to Stress Less About Your Electricity Bill This Summer

We are excited to partner with Gexa Energy this summer with an exciting offer just for Houston Moms Blog readers!

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I’ll admit, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the lazy mornings, carefree hours spent at the pool and endless summer activities available living in a city like Houston. But the heat. THE HEAT. I mean, can we all agree that the scorching temperatures we have to endure while at the same time entertaining children all day is a bit ridiculous? And then, walking to the mailbox {in the heat} to find a sky-high electric bill from running the A/C nonstop just adds insult to injury. But recently, a friend told me about Gexa Energy, a leading provider of affordable energy services in Texas, and a new plan they are offering that is too good to pass up:: Free 3 Day Weekends! 

Free Electricity and a Stress Free Summer

You read that right. On Gexa’s plan, you won’t pay a dime for electricity on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays- all year long. According to The United States Department of Energy, air conditioners use about 6% of all the electricity produced in the U.S. each year, at an estimated annual cost of $29 billion for homeowners. For my family, Gexa’s Free 3 Day Weekends Plan takes so much stress off our plate, especially in the summer. We often have family and friends over on the weekends for barbecues. There are a lot of people in our house, including a gaggle of kids who are constantly in and out, in and out {and who never remember to close the door}. We end up having to knock the thermostat down a few degrees to make everyone comfortable.

We would never give up entertaining and gathering with our people, but our summer electric bill is a strain on the budget. To know that no matter how much and how low we run the A/C on the weekends won’t affect our electric bill at all makes me want to party every weekend! Why not? And if carefree, A/C cranking weekends aren’t your thing, Gexa also offers another great plan:: Free Mornings and Nights! My husband is one who would be comfortable sleeping outside in a blizzard, so this plan is really tempting for him.

Other Ways to Save Money on Electricity

Gexa’s plans offering free electricity are a great start in lowering our monthly electric bill, but I was pleased to learn there are other ways to cut back on our electricity use. Gexa’s website offers a ton of tips and tricks for helping me save more and stress less. Some of these things I never would have known- like making sure my bathroom and laundry room fans are vented to the outside, not just the attic, and unplugging energy “vampires”- things like computers and DVRs that draw power even when they aren’t officially “on”. 

Exclusive Offer for HMB Readers

Just for Houston Mom’s Blog readers, Gexa is sweetening the deal even more for new residential customers who enroll in either the Free 3-Day Weekends Plan or Free Mornings And Nights Plan. When you enroll HERE and use the promo code FREE504U, you’ll receive a $50 welcome bonus! 

Summer is brutal, but your electric bill doesn’t have to be. Invite your friends over, crank that A/C down, and enjoy these sweet summer days. 

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