How To Tell If A Toddler Hijacked Your Christmas

It’s official. My house smells like fir trees and peppermint. It brings me such joy to welcome the Christmas season. There is something about putting up a tree and watching the neighborhood spring to life with houses trimmed in white lights. Of course, I also have a little one that I share the season with, and boy is it eventful. He brings both chaos and magic to everything we do. 

How To Tell If A Toddler Hijacked Your Christmas | Houston Moms Blog

You too just might be sharing your holidays with a toddler if…

  1. All of the ornaments are hanging from the same branch on your Christmas tree because you let them help you trim the tree this year.
  2. There are at least 3 broken Christmas decorations residing in your trash can.
  3. Long gone are the beautiful mercury glass ornaments from last year, and you’ve replaced them with plastic looking shatter-resistant balls.
  4. You finally gave up and put a cage around your Christmas tree … again.
  5. Your idea of the perfect stocking stuffer is Paw Patrol underwear.
  6. After bedtime, you spend your nights googling Elf on the Shelf ideas.
  7. You have replaced the batteries on a singing/dancing Rudolph at least 12 times already, and now you cringe every time you hear the song.
  8. You have at least one picture of your child crying hysterically on Santa’s lap this year.
  9. Bundling up in ridiculously cold weather to stroll around the neighborhood looking for the best inflatables seems completely normal.
  10. You excitedly hand your little one their first gingerbread cookie only for them to hand it right back to you and reply, “No, I don’t like that” without even trying it.
  11. You thought decorating cookies would be a fun family activity. You subsequently realized that if given control they will cover the entire cookie in frosting {along with their hands, face, and belly}.
  12. All of the tape you were using for gift wrapping has mysteriously gone missing.
  13. Your decorative Santa is your child’s new favorite baby doll.
  14. You curated your own wish list with things that your toddler would also enjoy. {Giraffe print scarf? Yes please.}
  15. Every time you try to wrap gifts, you find torn scraps of paper all over the house. At least they are working on their fine motor skills right?
  16. You spent way too long creating a wish list on Amazon for a child that will enjoy the box it came in more than anything else.
  17. Depressingly cold coffee has been replaced with ice cold cocoa. Who are we kidding; it’s the holidays, and you have both.
  18. While you are running around trying to find the perfect gift for everyone you love, attend all the holiday parties with your friends and family, and still make Christmas “perfect” for your kids, they are busy reminding you of the wonderful magic of Christmas.

Honestly, I wouldn’t trade a moment of the sweet joy this season brings to my little guy. What are your favorite memories this year?

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