As Hurricane Harvey Approaches, Here’s Our REAL Thoughts…

Well, as it appears right now, Hurricane Harvey is apparently THE STORM THAT WILL HAVE NO END. I mean. They are talking Wednesday now before we have all of the full effects? Now, I don’t know about you but being stuck inside for a day or two makes me a bit … punchy. Being stuck inside for days and days could potentially make me certifiable.

All of that said, during these last couple of days, I’ve compiled a little list of what I think are very important hurricane notes. Y’all, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. Or drinking all the wine.

1} Naps are essential. Already took my first one of many today. {I do have the slight advantage of having twin 7 year olds who are entertained with a movie for 2 hours. If you have younger kiddos, well … bribery is cool. Anything goes during a natural disaster as far as I’m concerned.}

2} Nothing makes you hungrier than an impending storm. I have bought more crap that I would never usually have in the house just because IT’S SITTING ON THE SHELF. I saw something called “Choco Zucaritas Frosted Flakes” and legit stared at them for about 2 minutes to decide if I really needed to purchase them. #allthesnacks

3} Wine at 11am is perfectly acceptable. Please don’t judge. After running around like a looney tune today, both hubby and I had no problem pouring our first drink before noon. I know it can’t just be me.

4} I predict I will reach the end of the Internet by sometime tomorrow evening. That is, if we have power that long. I have read all the blogs, all the hurricane updates, clicked through every click bait article, and cyber stalked random people from high school. Please send all the podcasts. 

5} Hurricanes make you buy stupid shizz. Namely canned goods you’ll likely never use and FIVE pounds of ground beef. Why? Why do I need 5lbs of ground beef? What am I going to do with it? It legit is the size of an oven tray. 

6} You will make approximately 10 trips to various stores to secure “necessities.” I have hit the gas station, grocery store, drug store, fast food, and did the loop again at least twice in 48 hours. 

7} Never mind the tornado watch; the tornado has already ripped through my house. We’ve already made a bowling game out of leftover paper towel rolls, built forts the size of our living room, pulled out every board game, and assembled all the puzzles. 

8} Your hurricane PTSD game is STRONG. I’ve been a little shaky for the past few days … after having lost everything in Katrina. Those memories don’t leave you, even years and years later. I’ve cried buckets and laughed hysterically, often at the same time.  I should note that #8 also contributes to #6 and #3.

9} You are super grateful for group texts. Especially with your awesome neighbors that make you laugh out loud. It takes a village to go through this, man. It’s so good to have a group to keep your mind off everything, pass on tips of who has gas and ice, and where to find 

10} You’ve washed everyone’s underthings and moved all beloved items to higher ground. Because who knows, right? We need to have all the clean drawers and those toys need to be salvaged for everyone’s sanity. Literally.

What would you add, friends? And on a serious note, please stay safe, heed the officials’ warnings, and make all the cake and drink all the wine. Also, don’t forget to check out all of our hurricane survival tips, and remember to SAVE THE BREAST MILK if you evacuate or lose power too!

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Meagan is a Dallas native who has lived in the Katy area for over a decade. She kicked a soccer ball all the way to Louisiana to attend college at her family’s alma mater of LSU, where she promptly fell in love with a Texas Aggie in Baton Rouge for an internship. After swimming back to Texas following Hurricane Katrina, Matt and Meagan fell in love with the Houston area and now couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Following several years of infertility, their miracle twins Ryan and Quinn were born in June of 2010. She believes there is nothing better than a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio, a large Sonic Diet Coke, sushi take-out, Girls Nights Out, and a mindless book to curl up with. Besides playing chauffeur and catering to the whims of her children, Meagan also is the Co-Owner of Houston Moms Blog. You can keep up with Meagan at The Clanahan Fam and on Instagram @meaganclanahan!


  1. *laughs* I enjoyed reading your post, Meagan. What will sober folks like me do to weather the storm? Oh well, I have plenty of water lol. I live in Cypress …hoping for a floodless Saturday. Stay safe!


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