I Am Enough.

As a mom, we don’t have to look too far to find something to feel guilty about.

Many of us spend much mom-time wishing we were more for our people. And the other times are spent wishing we were less of something. More soft spoken, less opinionated, more gentle, more organized, less excitable, more fit, less concerned with my size, more Proverbs 31, less Peter, more fashionable, more even keel, more strict, more crunchy granola, less Diet Coke, more wise, more secure, less concerned, more crafty, more sporty, less TV, more hot tea, more chill.

When the library book is lost, we blame ourselves because we don’t have a more organized home. When our child doesn’t love to read, we vow to go to the library more. When our jeans are too tight, we resolve to eat less and move more.

I’ve wished all these things.

I felt guilty that my homeschooled girls weren’t doing all the cutesy little crafts at holidays that kids in traditional school get to do. So, I went and bought a bunch of supplies and set out to do some Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts one year. So fun! I had all the supplies set up in little stations on the table so we could get to work! We got about half-way through the first project and BOTH of my girls said, “Can we be done now? I need to go finish my workbook.” What? What if they don’t make a pilgrim? Will they resent homeschooling? Aren’t they bored with the workbook style stuff? Nope. Didn’t I need to be a more crafty mom? Nope. I Am Enough.

Because I believe I was chosen to be these girls’ mom, I have to know that who I am is enough for them.

I am not super-organized in some areas {paperwork, record-keeping}, but there are some things that I stay on top of {I can’t think of anything right now, but I love plastic bins}. I have spent time worrying that my girls will be disorganized, horrible students with poor time-management skills. Do you know that my girls are better students at 11 and 13 than I ever was? I taught them that! I Am Enough.

Who I am is enough. What I am is enough.

Say that, Mom…

Who I am is enough. What I am is enough.

It doesn’t mean perfect. It does mean that you are perfect for your family. YOU Are Enough.

I challenge you to make this your word of the week. Or month. Or year.


Have you had a moment {or moments} that caused you, like me, to realize that you are just the right combination of enough? Let’s hear it. It’s so encouraging to other mommas!

I Am Enough

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Melissa is a native Floridian currently making Houston home. She has a background in English education, but ended up teaching sex ed to middle and high school students. This passion for teaching healthy relationship education transformed into a ministry of teaching parents to speak early and often to their kids about healthy sexuality. {Which she says was way more fun than teaching poetry.} But that’s all “Doppleganger Melissa” now. These days, she is a full-time homeschooling mama to two future world-changers, Meghan and Maddy. She is an unapologetic sanguine who loves having people around her table eating off of paper plates and drinking sweet tea. When “Mel’s Diner” {the kitchen} isn’t open, she may be working off calories at the gym, driving her girls around town, or trying to round up some twenty-somethings to feed and mother. Melissa believes in a few things pretty strongly :: Jesus, her spouse, the power of Diet Coke, and that traveling should be a sport. You can find her over at Spouseisms, or on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook {@Spouseisms}.


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