I Failed the Belly Button Challenge & Here’s Why I Don’t Care

Social media is an amazing tool for so many different things, such as keeping in touch with family members, sharing images of your most recent adventure, and annoying past high school acquaintances with too many baby pictures.

But there are some reasons social media isn’t so amazing. For example, in recent months, it has been influential in the perpetuation of several arbitrary and potentially demoralizing measures of health and beauty, such as the thigh gap, the finger trap, and the bikini bridge {which was actually a complete hoax that the Internet ran with}.

The latest of these trends… The #BellyButtonChallenge.

The idea behind the belly button challenge is that, if you can reach your arm back and around your waist and touch your belly button from the other side, then you are deemed “healthy” by the Instagramian gods or something like that. Of course, I immediately decided to try it {which I’m sure you’re doing right now, as well}. And I failed. With both arms.

I have a few half-marathons under my belt, practice yoga regularly, have a resting heart rate of 55 and a 26-inch waist, and I still failed the belly button challenge.

Like any confident person, I immediately started doubting everything I had done in my life up until this point. Am I sick? Should I schedule an appointment with a doctor to find out what’s up? I haven’t been to the dentist in a while … maybe that’s the cause?

Okay, yes. I overreacted. Just for a minute.

I soon came to my senses and thought, “Surely no one is taking this seriously.” Fortunately, I found I wasn’t alone. There are some people out there {mostly very skinny, flexible, and long-armed people} who seemed to buy into this silly concept, but there are also some feisty groups fully prepared to give the belly button challenge a social media-driven run for its money.

Instead of just an amorphous outcry, some swiftly crafted counter campaigns popped up. Curvy Kate, a lingerie company for full-figured women, hijacked the attention and rechanneled it to something more productive – #boobsoverbellybuttons.  Curvy Kate has been introduced here before – many of the bras here are from the Curvy Kate line. Curvy Kate partnered up with a British breast cancer awareness group called CoppaFeel! to encourage young women to do something that could actually improve and protect their health.

The goal of #boobsoverbellybuttons is to get women to perform regular breast self-exams, which can help track any changes in breast texture and shape that could be signs of breast cancer. Many young women, including myself, take the risk of breast cancer for granted and tell ourselves it’s something we’ll worry about once we get older. Well, you may find your perspective shifted after reading about Kris, the founder of CoppaFeel!, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 23. While still fighting her own battle, her diagnosis has compelled her to educate and encourage other women about the realities of this disease.

Early detection of breast cancer, thanks to advocacy groups such as CoppaFeel!, has helped boost survival rates. We have also seen new awareness campaigns about breast reconstruction, #BRADay, and realistic nipple tattooing – things that help women not just survive, but truly move on and love their bodies after cancer. As beautifully put by Houston breast reconstruction surgeon Dr. Camille Cash, “As more women triumph over breast cancer, the focus shifts from merely surviving to moving forward. It’s not just about ‘removing,’ it’s also about ‘restoring.'”

If you are one of HMB’s regular followers, then you know that we have fallen in love with Dr. Cash and her team.  In fact, Tiffanie has documented her experience with striving for more youthful skin as well as dermaplaning to get rid of that pesky peach fuzz. One of our favorite things about her is that she’s a woman who understands and relates to women.

Social media can become an even more powerful tool as we encourage valuable and meaningful campaigns. Curvy Kate’s #boobsoverbellybuttons is a sassy comeback to a silly trend that has the further benefit of encouraging us to do what we are supposed to do… Take care of and love our bodies.

Belly Button Challenge

About Stephanie G.

Stephanie Grecko is a health & beauty blogger who loves everything related to looking your best! She is a mother and wife who loves staying fit by chasing her little kids!  As she becomes older, she is not opposed to a cosmetic enhancement here or there, but the specifics remain in the vault.

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about Dr. Cash and her team are completely my own!

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