I Love Me:: A Valentine’s Tribute to Women in Black History

February is the month of love and contributor Ugochi shares a tribute through poetry to women in black history as well as to herself.

women in black historyAs a teacher, I often try to find innovative ways to make sure my students are embracing their culture. Maybe it’s because I consider myself a writer, but I always go back to writing–specifically poetry. I remember the first time I stood up and shared poetry. My knees were trembling, my hands were quaking–but my voice stayed strong. There is something special about sharing your story through words and finding a way to captivate an audience allows you to release and renew yourself. I remember someone telling me as a black woman, I was doubly cursed-but I have rejected that by walking boldly into every challenge and supporting EVERYONE {with God’s strength} around me so they can do the same. So in the spirit of Love and the beauty of African American History, I’d like to share my voice with you::

Ashes rise, beauty falls
Love remains through it all
So in this month of celebration,
Amidst all of the hesitation I boldly state my adoration
for the beauty that lies within and beyond my skin.

For I am clothed with strength and strength and dignity
So I speak like I’m Oprah Winfrey
My feet are blessed with grace, so I stand so grand
like Misty Copeland
My magic spreads through all space beyond every generation,
so I fly like Jameson and rise like Maya so my words will not expire
as I march like Coretta and acquire success like Nupita
while rockin’ a dress that inspires like Obama
and yes I am a mama of a boy who will grow up with joy in who he is because of He who created him to look like that peanut butter chocolate cinnamon skin blessed to be one of the greatest of men

So whether my hair is locked, twisted, or straight I remain unhinged with the ability of fertility that give birth to sons and daughters and raised them so they will not falter and this race– we will continue to win. 

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I discovered your poem this morning in my quest to find poems by black poets for my morning meeting with my fourth graders. I searched for Valentines and black history, and this was the first to pop up.

    As I read it, the internal rhymes and rhythms immediately reminded me of Amanda Gorman (of whom I’m a HUGE fan!) So I shared it with my students this morning and we enjoyed learning about these important women.

    I certainly plan on using it again in the future.

  2. Chris! You just made my day. I too am an educator and I’m so glad that you are finding creative ways to teach our history– and I’m honored to be a part of snapshot of history in your classroom.

    Thank you so much– you have inspired me to write more!


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