I Think I’m Done Having Kids, But I’ll Miss A Few Things

I hate being pregnant. It’s uncomfortable, it takes over my entire being, it makes me absolutely miserable at times, and the grand finale is potentially the most intense physical pain I’ll ever experience. Plus, the struggle with infertility just plain sucked. Thankfully, it seems that our family of four finally feels complete and I may never again have to experience all that pregnancy brings with it. Even though I’m most likely done having kids, honestly, I’m going to miss a few things…

I Think I'm Done Having Kids, But I'll Miss A Few Things

  • the thrill of seeing the positive line appear on the pregnancy test and how it’s terrifying and amazing and I don’t know if I should cry or jump up and down, and I end up doing a little bit of both
  • telling my husband and showing him the positive test and taking a mental snapshot of his face because it’s pure joy
  • those first moments after finding out we’re going to have a baby when we’re both a little dizzy with excitement and we can’t help but start day dreaming and planning
  • telling our families in fun, creative ways so that they are truly shocked and their reactions are pure gold
  • seeing that little gummy bear on the screen for the first time and thinking, “wow… that little thing is going to turn into a human?!”
  • seeing that flicker of light that indicates a heartbeat and feeling as if my own heart is glowing
  • hearing the sweet sounds of that heart beating for the first time, knowing it’s one of the most beautiful sounds I’ll hear along this journey–next to hearing your baby cry for the first time
  • hiding that first ultrasound picture from the public but glancing at it multiple times a day as if it was a live feed of what that little growing gummy bear is up to
  • finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl at the anatomy scan appointment, and honestly not having a preference for either, but mostly just being so thankful that our little one is healthy
  • finally knowing the sex of our baby so we can pick a name, and how giving our baby name somehow makes them seem so much more real 
  • feeling those first little movements, wondering if they’re just muscle twitches or gas, but then feeling them at the most random times and they get more and more defined and I know that’s my sweet little baby 
  • talking to that little love in my belly, whether or not they can actually hear me, imagining that it’s the most comforting sound in the world to them 
  • all my family and friends being so excited to meet our newest family member, and throwing parties and giving my baby presents to welcome their soon arrival
  • shopping in the baby department wherever you go just to see what’s there and absolutely swooning over things like baby blankets, and the teeny-tiny clothes, and inevitably spending way too much on things they’ll only wear once
  • packing the hospital bag with a tiny newborn outfit for our newest little baby to wear home, hardly able to wait to see them in it
  • the excitement (and, honestly, a lot of pain and fear) when it’s time to go to the hospital to have our baby, and being so happy that I’ve made it to the end, but also trying to wrap my mind around what is about to happen
  • when the doctor comes in and says it’s time to push and I know that I’m about to finally meet my baby
  • that last push when everyone in the room lets out the breath they’ve been holding, and there are tears of joy, and my grip on my husband’s hand releases and he can’t decide who to look at: me or the child I’ve just brought into the world
  • that two-second span of time when the baby is all the way out and I can see him/her for the first time and I am thinking about how big they are and how much hair they have and how they always look like their dad more than me and how absolutely, hands down, perfect they are
  • when they lay that perfect baby on my chest and I get to hold them in my arms for the very first time and it feels like everything in the world is exactly as it should be at this moment
  • watching all the most important people in my life hold that little baby, knowing they’ve been waiting and praying alongside me the whole time I was pregnant, and even before
  • watching my bigger little one(s) become a big sibling, and how incredibly gentle and loving and protective they are, even from the first time they see their little sibling
  • driving home from the hospital with the BEST souvenir ever, driving down the freeway at EXACTLY the speed limit with the hazard lights on just to make sure everyone is aware that we have the most special cargo
  • bringing that new little one into our home and our life, dreaming of all that they will become, and loving them unconditionally no matter how many times they wake us up at night

Well, you know… maybe I could have just one more… ❤️

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Christie is a born and raised Houstonian who hails from Cypress and now resides with her family in Katy, TX. She married her husband in 2012, after they both graduated from Texas State University. They welcomed their daughter, Emmy Faye, in 2016, and their son, Jesse, in 2019. Christie has loved story-telling--in it's many forms--from an early age, which is why she loves blogging; she doesn't spare the details about her thoughts and experiences in motherhood, trials of infertility, and the everyday ups and downs of adulthood. You can expect a lot of honesty, a healthy portion of humor, and maybe even some inspiration. When she's not spending her free-time blogging, she is songwriting, painting, practicing her calligraphy, hanging out with her family and friends, or leading worship at her church. You can read more of her musings on her personal domain, Little Blog of Hellos!


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