I’m Gonna Miss This:: The Parts of 2020 I Wouldn’t Take Back

I'm Gonna Miss This:: The Parts of 2020 I Wouldn't Take Back

Let me start by saying that I am fully aware that I am about to ostracize myself. I am prepared to be voted off the island, sent home without a rose, and become the weakest link.

The last month or so, as I saw dumpster fire ornaments and laughed at Satan being matched with 2020 on commercials, in the back of my mind Trace Adkins crooned, “You’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back. You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.” And while yes, I know much of the year was a complete disaster, and at every turn, there was another sign of the apocalypse, there are a few things from this year I wouldn’t take back.

A Different Mom

Like many others, in March I started on a staggered schedule, and before I knew it, I was working from home with no idea when we were going back. Within a few weeks, we were asked to take a foster placement. While Covid made making their required medical appointments nearly impossible, it gave us something different—time and a little bit of freedom.

Looking at photos of previous fosters, they were a teensy bit jealous of some of the adventures we went on and were not allowed to do at the time. But, we explained to them, they got a whole lot more of us {whether they wanted it or not}.

I did not struggle taking time off of work as our new family adjusted to each other. *Madeline was able to begin school right away, and though we struggled to find our footing {I am not a natural-born teacher}, we found the space for experiments, art projects, and a few neighborhood field trips.

Without Covid, I would not have been available for a spontaneous trip to Starbucks or walks in the park. We would not have celebrated National Picnic Day with McDonald’s and sushi. She would not have memories of 3 p.m. bike rides {after schoolwork was completed}—just me and her.

Equipped with my double monitors, I was able to edit articles while the kids gleefully watch mole rats race around tunnels on a zoo cam next to me. {Ew, David.}

I would not have been home in time to start dinner at 6 p.m. *Cole would not have run down the stairs to help me start dinner. Perhaps there would not have been extra time to roll dumplings from scratch or play in the yard after supper. Life would have gone on, but it would have been different.

Time with Family


I'm Gonna Miss This:: The Parts of 2020 I Wouldn't Take Back

With the ability to load my entire desk into my backpack, I made random trips to see family. I have seen my niece and nephew more this year than perhaps any other year of their life. {Despite having to miss his April birthday which was a big, fat bummer.} And hearing him be so excited that Aunt K is pulling in the driveway makes it worth it.

I took my setup to my hometown and spent extra time with my parents. Starbucks finally reached the two-cow town, and I was able to sit across from my mom, latte in hand, and mull over her sprouting cannas. I casually strolled across the street to chat with my cousin in between meetings.

These are all things that would have been impossible during the previous 16 years of corporate America life.

Fitting in Life

Sure, adjusting to working from the dining room was unpleasant at times. I knew I required human interaction when Alexa and I got in a full-on argument {she can be pretty cheeky}. But I made space in my morning for a workout. The dogs and I scheduled mandatory outdoor time. I read multiple books that had collected layers of dust on my reading list. A coworker and I met up at a coffee shop and swapped creative ideas.

Instead of boarding the Metro at 5:30 or 6, I was walking downstairs to turn on the Instant Pot. Throwing in a load of laundry in between web posts freed up my weekends for farmers markets, appropriately distanced gatherings, or card games with the hubs.

Things didn’t necessarily “slow down” as our work seemed to get busier than ever, but I was able to fit in a lot more life amid some pretty scary scenarios.

And while I’m as ready as everyone else to pop the champagne and see what 2021 has to offer, there are some things about 2020 that I’m going to miss.

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Kirsten C. was born and raised in Texas Hill Country. After becoming a hopelessly devoted Bobcat and earning a degree in Mass Communications-Public Relations at Texas State University, she was wooed by the never-ending culinary options and vibrant street art of Houston and became a transplant. By day she is a marketing enthusiast for a downtown engineering firm, and by night, an over-the-top {and unashamed} dog mom. She and her husband William are licensed foster parents—advocating for children and families—who hope to one day grow their family through adoption. You can follow their unruly journey on their blog, Cornell Chaos. When she’s not trying a new restaurant, playing behind the lens of a Cannon, piddling in the yard, or scouring markets for hidden gems, Kirsten is often found teaching student ministry through Kingsland Baptist Church or escaping at a local coffee spot.


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