The Importance of Early Childhood Education and Learning Through Play

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It’s time, y’all. With my oldest getting ready to start Kindergarten in a few weeks, it’s time for me to start thinking preschool for my youngest. To make the task less daunting, I asked on Houston Mom’s Blog‘s Community and Conversations page and got some great recommendations. One of the most popular recommendations was Little Sunshine Playhouse and Preschool in The Woodlands, TX. I was intrigued, so I did my mommy research. 

Early education is so important in the early years and neurological research shows that it play a key role in children’s brain development. From the very beginning, babies and toddlers learn about the world around them. Their first learning experiences affect their future social, cognitive, physical, and emotional development. There’s so much that they can learn outside the home that sets a great foundation for their futures. 

The Importance of Early Childhood Education and Learning Through Play | Houston Moms Blog


Our preschool does a GREAT job of preparing the children for school by transitioning them from always responding to a mom-type figure and also to a teacher-type figure. The younger the class, the more mom-like the teacher is, and as the child progresses, the teacher does too. I love this idea, because I know that my Elizabeth is in safe, nurturing hands as she learns how to be in school. They learn how to stand in line, play with others, and most importantly, to listen to who is in charge. My sister even praised her 18 month old son’s teachers for teaching him how to use a plate and silverware, instead of throwing both all over the place. Let’s get real :: at home, I don’t have time to plan half of the fun things that they do at school. I’m thankful that there are teachers that help my children grow and love them like they are their own. At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool, they also lay out the “red carpet” for parents, allowing us to pull up to the front and a staff member walks my child safely to her class. This added benefit has saved me so much in patience {and I can drop off in my pajamas if I want}. 

The Importance of Early Childhood Education and Learning Through Play | Houston Moms Blog

Healthy Eats

Sometimes {I’m not saying ALL the time} my children eat healthier and better at school than at home. The reason is twofold :: time and location. I don’t have time all the time to make the healthiest breakfasts or lunch. At home I strive to do a mix of protein and lasting carbs so they will have energy for the day. But, let’s get real. Oftentimes, it’s cereal or pancakes for breakfast and a Lunchable for lunch. At school, they see their friends eating what is in front of them and want to eat what they eat. I cannot get my kids to eat broccoli, but at school, they can’t get enough! If a friend is eating it, they are in. If a teacher tells them to eat it, they eat it. If I say it, they pretend to speak another language, I think. Most of the time, it’s like Ron Swanson eating a banana. 

The Importance of Early Childhood Education and Learning Through Play | Houston Moms Blog

Reggio Emilia Curriculum Influence

At LSP in The Woodlands, I know my kids are taken care of {PRIORITY!} and I know that they are learning. When they come home singing a song they learned that day, I grin thinking of how much fun they had with their friends in Music class. Potty-training is such a pain, and I know my daughter’s teachers work with her and have more patience than I could ever have. Early Childhood education is so important for my children’s future. My goal is to optimize the early years of their lives, while still having fun and learning through play. LSP knows that is important and allows them to “Creatively Shine” while supporting their curiosity and creativity. 

The Importance of Early Childhood Education and Learning Through Play | Houston Moms Blog

Check out Little Sunshine’s Preschool and Playhouse in The Woodlands and see for yourself first hand how much they love each child. Your child is important and learns the way only your child can. The talented staff has a unique ability to tap into each child’s learning abilities and teach through play. 

The Importance of Early Childhood Education and Learning Through Play | Houston Moms Blog

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