ItWorks!… Or Does It?

At our last Mom’s Night Out, I had some spare time to check out all the awesome sponsor booths.  As I walked around, the table of our longtime sponsor-turned-friend Beth Bills with ItWorks! definitely grabbed my attention. {Okay, maybe it was the mini cupcakes.}  After I inhaled daintily ate my cupcake like a lady, I focused in on the before and after pics of customers who have used the Ultimate Body Applicator.  They were unbelievable!  Literally.  I did not believe them.

After my sextuplets were born and I lost most of the baby weight {oh those pesky 10 lbs}, let’s just say things didn’t go quite back to normal.  Stretch marks galore.  Nice supply of stretched loose skin.  And a bad case of diastasis recti – a separation in my abdominal muscles.  {Mine is 4-5 fingers wide which makes a lovely canyon when I lay on my back.  It causes a heap of annoyances from back pain to perma preggo pooch.  I know.  You’re jealous.}  Anyway, I digress…

I explained to Beth Bills my background and how I absolutely looked like all of her “before” pictures and I would LOVE to look like an “after”.  But would it work for me?  Luckily, I was given an opportunity to try out the product and let you all know how ItWorks!

Ultimate Body ApplicatorI used the Ultimate Body Applicator on my stomach, but you can use it pretty much anywhere you want to have tighter, firmer skin.  I asked if they have a full body version, but sadly – they do not.  I had 12 wraps and decided to apply one every 4 days.  It is recommended to drink lots and lots of water while you’re using the wraps and stick to a healthy {preferably clean} diet.  Well, smarty pants that I am chose to wear the wraps throughout the entire holiday season from Halloween to Christmas.  Needless to say, my diet could have been much better.  I did drink oodles of water, but I continued on with my Diet Coke {or two} a day habit and a few adult beverages here and there.  So, just keep that in mind when viewing my results.

The wraps are SUPER easy to use!  I would shower in the morning and press the wrap to my tummy, lotion side against the skin, and then completely wrap my midsection in saran wrap.  Yes, it is as attractive as it sounds.  The saran wrap not only kept it in place, but allowed me to put regular clothes on and continue on with my business.  You only have to wear it for 45 minutes, but it doesn’t hurt to wear it longer.  You know it is working because it tingles.  Not painful or anything, just tingly.  When the time is up you simply unwrap yourself, massage in any extra lotion, and continue on with whatever you were doing.

It took me a day to notice any difference at first.  But after the first couple of wraps, I saw more change.  The day I would wear the wrap and the day after my skin was much tighter.  It would start to loosen up again about day 3, so day 4 I’d apply another wrap.  I’d like to point out that I only noticed a difference in my loose skin, not my separated abdominals.  So, did it work?!  You be the judge… {Part of me is thinking I’m nuts for posting these pictures.  Stomach selfies are so not trending.}

It Works!

I absolutely noticed a difference!  Whether my lack of stomach selfie skills shows it or not.  The wrinkled saggy area of my stomach became more firm and my skin was more smooth all throughout the wrap area.  {And remember I still have the pooch from the separation, and I did not strictly follow the recommended diet.}

So do I recommned this product?  Absolutely!  Now that I have a base supply done, I can “touch up” my wrapping when needed.  It would be fabulous to use before a vacation or special event – especially if a swimsuit is involved.  And maybe even give the Spanx a vacation too!

Interested? Contact Beth Bills…

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Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, the pictures are real and the opinions are completely my own.

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Lauren became a Houstonian in high school. After attending Baylor University- where she met her husband, Dave- Lauren returned to Houston for graduate school, earning a Masters in School Psychology. After working several years in Houston area schools, Lauren is now a stay-at-home mom to her sextuplets {April 2012}. Andrew, Benjamin, Caroline, Leah, Allison, and Levi keep Lauren, Dave, and their slew of volunteers on their toes! When Lauren isn't looking after her 6 kids and dog, Maggie, she enjoys running, baking, reading, mindless TV, and getting out of the house! Follow the sextuplet adventures on Lauren’s blog, The Perkins Pack


  1. Lauren I love your candid review!! It’s been great getting to walk through this with you and I look forward to more!! And I’m thrilled you were pleased with our Amazing products too!!


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