Keeping Children First During Divorce

Houston Moms Blog is proud to partner with an array of Houston-area lawyers to bring you valuable information so that you can be a strong advocate and focus on the present and future health of your children.

At Houston Moms Blog, we are committed to families and keeping families together. That’s why we are proud to highlight those that work tirelessly to keep families together and moms with their kids. 

We are proud to be able to help moms through all walks of life. Whether you are sending your kindergartner off for the first time, having mother-in-law drama, or divorcing, we can help. Need help on navigating a new career? Girl, we got you. We also know when it’s time to seek outside help to get you through some tough times. Like, divorce. 

While it’s not something we like talking about, it’s necessary to find the right resources to help you through this tough time. We know whose number we will keep handy if it’s ever needed, an attorney who is dedicated to helping Houston families stay together. 

Many Houston area attorneys work tirelessly to help these families get through divorce in the healthiest way possible. They work to keep parents from making choices out of fear or anger that ultimately harm their children, including work to minimize the damage done when families are separated by the act of one of the parents. Recently Bobby Newman, a local Houston family law lawyer, was featured in the press for his work in trying to reunite a child wrongly separated from a parent during a divorce proceeding. Bobby is a father, so he understands the importance of protecting the kids involved, as well as helping families avoid going down the wrong track during the separation and divorce process.

If you are going through this, you know that supporting the health of your children is the most important thing you do as a parent – and that means deliberately and consciously making sure that it is something you think about before you take any action in a family court. A good lawyer can be a strong advocate and guide people through the system in a way that allows for future healthy relationships between everyone involved. 

Keeping Children First During Divorce | Houston Moms Blog

Advocate During Divorce 

No one is an advocate FOR divorce. Let’s get that out there first of all. Divorce is hard on all parties. Building and planning for a family and seeing it all dissolve is emotional and heartbreaking. Unfortunately it is a reality that many families face. When it does, you need to protect yourself and your children in a way that supports your {and their} health and self-esteem.

Having a strong advocate helps you navigate the tough times that divorce can bring. While you focus on yourself and your future, a good lawyer focuses on the legal points that he or she is so well-versed in. Ultimately, like the articles featuring Bobby Newman’s case show so well, it’s about the kids and the preservation of family. 

Keeping Families Together 

Bobby and his firm believe in the rights of mothers, and all parents, to be with their children. He has a practice that focuses on enforcing custody rights and being clear in the roles of the parents to avoid conflicts that could affect the child.

Divorce is not fun. It will be hard. Like I said, over here at Houston Moms Blog, we got you, mama. We see you. There are lights at the end of the dark tunnel. Our Contributor Joi recently wrote about her summers away from her kids and how long it took her to get to the accepting place she is now. We got you through the tough Christmases where you may be alone. We know the importance for a community feeling behind you, so we got you there too! We’ve even got funny mommy memes and graphics over on our Facebook and Instagram pages to break you away from the tough realities. What Bobby can help you with is almost everything else. Make sure someone else has “got you” covered in the legal matters as well. 

Bobby also works with KIND, an organization dedicated to keeping families together and reuniting families. He volunteers his time selflessly in order to help thousands of children find a safe haven and freedom from fear, many for the first time in their young lives. Check out this awesome organization and see what you can do to help families stay together. 

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