Keeping Your Teen off the Couch This Holiday

Finals and midterms are coming to a close, and your teens will be excited to have some time off without school responsibilities. With two weeks or more at home where they have access to all the food, TV, and video games they can handle, why not find a way to keep them preoccupied rather than letting them veg on the couch? Here are some ideas from our sponsor Aceable to keep your teen off the couch and away from the remote this holiday…


‘Tis the season to give back. Soup kitchens and food pantries are never short of volunteers, and in the colder months, they have a greater need for help. Check out to find places for your teen to volunteer over the holiday break. Bonus points :: This looks GREAT on their college resume!

Food bank

Take Driver’s Ed

Since your teen has the time off, why not encourage them to take Driver’s Ed? At Aceable, we created a Texas DPS-approved mobile app for driver’s ed that makes learning how to drive safe and easy. With our driver’s ed app, students can fulfill their 32 hour driver’s ed requirement whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them – like over winter break! And don’t worry, we have a convenient parent monitoring tool that lets you keep up with your teens progress along the way. And as a bonus for the holidays, Aceable is on sale for 20% off making it $79.99 rather than $99.99 which is significantly more affordable than classroom drivers ed that can run from $300-$2,000!

Aceable Image

Get Moving

Don’t let them waste their holiday break indoors. Get them out of the house and get them moving. Whether it’s walking the dog, riding a bike at Memorial Park, or hitting your local gym, encourage your kids to use their time off from school to get active. If they’re looking to kickstart a fitness routine, many gyms have special deals going on for students who are out of school as well as the usual discounts for New Year’s Resolutions. Get your teen active over break, and foster a lifelong love for fitness. This might be something that you join in on also — to spend a little quality time together or just to join your teen in the quest to be fit.

Memorial park

Earn Some Spending Money

The holidays are a hectic time for local businesses, and they are always looking for temporary workers to help get orders fulfilled and clients taken care of. Encourage your teen to get a job this holiday season and earn some spending money. What better way to kick start the new year than with a little extra cash in your pocket?

And if you’re out of ideas…

There are always floors to be swept and dishes to be washed, but we’re sure you can think of something more fun that that!

While students are taking their nice break from school, consider encouraging them to do something with their much deserved free time that will leaving them feeling accomplished and proud of once they head back to school in 2015!

From all of us here at Aceable, we wish you a happy holiday season!

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