Kid Friendly, Nutritious Lunches…Delivered to Your Door!

We are always excited to partner with new ventures here in Houston and we LOVE what Fresh Lunch Yellow Box is doing to reinvent healthy meals for our children.

Busy moms and picky eaters alike, listen up! Have you ever wanted to just click a button and have kid-friendly meals delivered right to your doorstep?  Well, Houston mamas, we have a solution! Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box is a new subscription meal service in our area that hand-crafts healthy and tasty lunches for kids. With three growing, always hungry, yet incredibly picky boys, we gave it try because this momma is all lunched out!

There are numerous reasons why Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box appealed to me ::

The meals are perfectly proportioned according to age group.

This means the meal is customized to have just the right amount of macronutrients for that child. The website has a varied menu to choose from, so I let my boys make their own selections since they are old enough. I am trying to teach them about nutrients and the importance of being mindful about how we fuel our bodies and why we can’t eat junk food all the time. And boy, is it a struggle because “Moooom, ice cream is so good”! Yes, yes, it is son, but you can’t have that for breakfast. Sigh. You feel me on this, right?

Kid Friendly, Nutritious Lunches...Delivered to Your Door! | Houston Moms Blog

Because my guys are in the 6-10 year old range, we chose the Mighty Bites size {provides balanced macros and approximately 450 calories}; however they also have Tiny Bites for the 3-5 age range {higher fat ratios and 350 calories} and Super Foods for kids 11-14 {balanced macros, 550 calories – also perfect for moms!}. All of the meals come with a fruit and veggie portion and have the just right amount of carbs, proteins and fats for their growing bodies.

As a dual working household, I struggle with time management, and I fully admit that sometimes our meals suffer! I tend to meal plan and have a really great food week, and then fall of the bandwagon the next. Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box gives me peace of mind knowing that my kids can still get nutritious and well balanced meals even while easing up our schedule a bit.

{Bonus :: I could totally see these helping out our crazy busy evenings by having something easy to grab on the way to the gym or the ball fields. I mean, drive throughs are great and all but they are NOT great for our overall health. Late games? No problem, just grab a meal from the fridge. Dinner is SERVED!}

The presentation is kid friendly and mama-approved.

Kid Friendly, Nutritious Lunches...Delivered to Your Door! | Houston Moms Blog

Our six meals arrived in an adorable, insulated bag {I’m a sucker for packaging ok?}. The boys were so excited to have meals delivered and were anxiously awaiting their arrival. They thought it was the coolest thing ever that somebody was delivering food just for them.  I think that made them even more willing to try foods they may have been reluctant to before. Each meal was colorful, tasty and incredibly fresh! I may or may not have tried a little bit, too! {Hey, I always get a cut in this house, am I right?!} The Bring Me Brekkie and the Because BBQ options were definitely the most popular in our home. Portions were also very generous and my boys were able to snack on some of the leftovers before their sports practices!

It takes the guess-work {and the actual work} out of packing daily lunches. 

Kid Friendly, Nutritious Lunches...Delivered to Your Door! | Houston Moms Blog

And y’all, I do not like to pack lunches! I look forward to summer break every year just so I don’t have to pack lunches! I’m constantly asking myself, Do I have enough proteins? Is there too much sugar? Too many crackers? These meals are great because they take the nutrition guesswork out, and you can just stick them in the kids’ lunchboxes. They keep really well, and don’t have to be reheated. Double high fives for convenience!

Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box is a subscription service, and it’s really simple to sign up and create a delivery schedule that works for your household. Shipments can come weekly, every other week, or monthly, and deliveries can be paused or skipped at any time. And, for added convenience, the website will soon have an online portal where customers will be able to set up a profile, flag any dietary restrictions, and select meals ahead of time. {And all the mamas said, AMEN!}

Mommas, with our ever increasing busy schedules or if you are simply in a meal time rut, Fresh Lunch Yellow Box is a great solution! And although “Lunch” is in the name, these tasty meals could definitely work for dinner on busy evenings as well. Give them a try!

Just for HMB readers, Fresh Lunch Yellow Box is offering a 15% discount on your first order! Use discount code E18Y-HMB15 when you sign up!

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