Kid’s Closet Turned Play Space


It’s about that time of year when you may start getting the itch to do some spring cleaning. {We had a great series last spring on this topic so if you need a little motivation check out these posts!} Closets are something I tend to focus on when trying to get organized. My daughter’s closet was not overly full, but not organized or very functional either. So I decided to give the closet a makeover by turning it into a more useful play space. It ended up being an inexpensive, easy, and fun project.

If you do a Pinterest search on closet play spaces, you will find much more elaborate and creative spaces than mine. I kept it pretty simple since I was working with a small area. 58 in. by 20 in. to be exact. This should be proof that this can be done with any size closet!


We started off by removing the sliding doors and taking out all the junk in the bottom of the closet. The challenge for this project is that you lose storage space, so you have to get creative. We had to move things around and get rid of things we didn’t actually use.


Next, we painted the inside of the closet pink and touched up the baseboards. We left the sliding doors off and put up a white curtain on a tension rod instead. This opened up the space and allowed more room to play. When we want to hide the clutter, we can just close the curtain. I added a few accents like the gold polka dots, fluffy rug, chalkboard, frame with fabric, and throw pillows. I may add more to this closet in the future or move a dollhouse in there or a basket of books. I had big plans to add a cute light fixture, but then I decided to abort that idea because it seemed way too complicated. Besides, snuggling up and reading books by flashlight is much more fun.

Closet Play Space


In summary, these are the supplies I ended up using to makeover the closet.

White Panel Curtain {Ikea}

Tension Rod


Gold Polka Dot Wall Decals {found here}

Rug {Target}

Throw Pillows {already owned}

Chalkboard {already owned}

Frame with Fabric {already owned}


If anyone has done something similar, I would love to hear how you did it too!



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