Kids Corona Confessions:: Audra O.


Whenever I think of COVID – 19, I imagine a wildfire moving uncontrollably fast, spreading across numerous countries and killing thousands of people.  It’s rude. Did this virus think how mean and unnecessary this is? No, and because of the Coronavirus I have to be in quarantine. 

However, quarantine isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I can finally just go outside and think – just sit and think about life.  I love it when I get into deep thought, because I can reflect and learn something new about myself and the world around me.  I also really love binge watching my favorite shows that I don’t get to watch when school is meeting in person, like Stranger Things. I admire the amazing acting and it’s  an over all a great show.  

One thing I have noticed about my time in quarantine is that I have spent much more time with my oldest brother, which has been nice.  Not only him, but also with my family because we’re all home together.  I’m grateful for this family time.  I’ve also been talking to God more, telling him more about my day and just thanking him.  For me, quarantine has been a blessing in disguise because I’ve been happier and more aware. I’ve realized that I don’t need other people to make me happy – all I need is good music, a good mindset and me.  Oh, and TikTok because I love acting and dancing.  I’m sorry people are sick and Coronavirus is generally rude, but I’ve had a great time being at home.  

Audra is a 6th grader who not only loves TikTok, but also loves to run.  She’s been running track and cross country for 6 years and recently took up hurdles.  Additionally, she plays piano and is a budding writer.





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Lisa is an Illinois to Texas transplant, landing in Katy in 2012. If there’s one thing she has learned in her 9 years as a Texas resident, everything really is bigger in the Lone Star State, especially the expressways. As the mom of busy teen daughters {Olivia 2006 and Audra 2008}, she spends a lot of time driving to/from track events and dance conventions…and random appointments, increasingly frequent grocery store visits, home improvement store excursions and weekly Target runs. So. Much. Driving. When she isn’t behind the wheel, she can be found pursuing one of her passions: volunteering through her local school district, cooking or baking, reading one of her favorite authors, writing about parenting, politics or social issues, or napping. Not really napping – she never sleeps. She and her husband blended their families in 2003 and in total have 5 kids and, at last count, 5 grandchildren. A long time ago, Lisa graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Journalism and has since been published on various websites, including BlogHer, as well as running her own blog for a few years. Additionally, she was a member of the 2015 cast of Listen to Your Mother, Austin. If you’re interested in following her musings, go to her Instagram @mysocalledglamorouslife.


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