Kids Corona Confessions:: Kelsey Y.

I feel sad about the coronavirus. I don’t feel good that I’m missing school. The coronavirus is very scary to me. People are getting really sick and it’s spreading really fast. School is cancelled and we are having online church.

My family hasn’t been going anywhere. We’ve been staying home. My mom is home schooling us until we go back to public school.

Since I don’t have to go to school, I have more time to play, practice the things I need, get my chores done and read.

Also, for the last few weeks, we’ve been riding our bikes, scootering and taking nice walks. I play piano. I also take Chinese class.

We’ve been doing Zoom and Facetime with cousins and friends and I feel really good and happy that I get to see them. 

Kelsey  likes singing, dancing, acting, playing board games, doing 100 piece puzzles and basketball. She is eight years old and in the second grade. She has an older brother and a younger brother.







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