Kids Corona Confessions:: Madi L. {Middle Schooler}

The U.S, today, stands at the peak of a pyramid, but not for the reasons you would expect. As of Friday, March 27 we have hit roughly 85.5 thousand cases of the corona virus in the U.S, quickly surpassing China’s number (81.5 thousand). I for one never expected this to grow into the chaotic mess it is now.

At the beginning, when cases started popping up across the U.S, I was careful and considerate of the corona, but I really didn’t think much of it. Fast forward a week and suddenly the whole country is surrounded by this could of fear and panic. The increase in case caused them to start stocking up on food, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper. I honestly didn’t understand why people were acting like vultures for toilet paper, last resort you can use water. That was around the time I started getting worried and nervous about corona. My fear grew from other people’s fears, and their hectic grocery shopping, and I had heard rumors about the country going into lockdown. To further increase my unease, my mom convinced me to watch Contagion, a movie somewhat like our pandemic, and it really made me start to think of how this virus could affect us (thanks mom…).

By this point my school district had already announced that school was going to be postponed for a few weeks, and I thought I was going to enjoy the free time, but instead it was TORTURE. To start off, I love my 3-year-old sister, but with my parents constantly having to work, I often found myself having to babysit my sister. Once again let me say that I love her, but she can get into these fits that drive me crazy; Also, more than once, I had to change her poopy diapers… it sucks that she isn’t potty trained yet. Another thing that bugs me is the endless supply of boredom being dumped into my house. Most days there is absolutely nothing to do. One time I decided to search up “things to do when your bored” and the stuff that popped out at me were: online shopping(R.I.P my empty wallet), read(I can’t go the library and I don’t feel like rereading), and clean(but do I really want to?). I usually end up watching T.V or going on my phone, and I really hate having to resort to that because I feel deprived of any productivity.

We only recently started online school, and I’ve concluded that I don’t like it so far. The best part of learning and school is that you get to do it with your friends, so online learning really limits that. My teachers have been sending emails out saying that when online schooling starts, they’ll post assignments that we’ll have to complete daily; The sour point of it all is that it isn’t interactive, and that’s the way I learn best. Some people I know are convinced that we won’t have school for that rest of the semester, and I really hope that isn’t true. I want to be able to go to school at least for one more time this semester, because this is my last year as an 8th grader and I really want that smooth transition to Highschool. On the bright side, all STAAR test were canceled and I don’t have to worry about those, yay.

Economically, the corona virus is hitting our community hard. If you look around you, every business, shop, and store is being affected by this pandemic in one way or another. My parents are still working because the bakery is their only source of income. Without it, we would slowly lose everything, for as long as this virus parades. I also worry because their working. My dad is driving around the city constantly for work, whether it be for more supplies or deliveries, and he’s being exposed to everything he touches or passes by. We always make sure to give my dad a healthy reminder that if he gets corona, he’ll most likely pass it on to the rest of my family. I know the times are rough, but we just got to take it one day at a time, and ALWAYS hope for the best. 🙂


Madi is your regular middle schooler who loves chocolate and enjoys reading. You can often find her hanging out with her family or watching old rom-coms. 






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