Kim Kardashian West, Change Your Words Please!

Kimmy! You’re a mom {we love those} … you are pregnant {you know we’re excited for you} … and you’ve got the grand stage {we’re somewhat jelly}. But you’ve rolled all that together and somehow decided to use it to let us know that pregnancy is “the worst experience of your life”??? We’re so sad – like really, REALLY sad!

We know the hormones are surging. We know that having a toddler and a huge pregnant belly together at the same time is hard, uncomfortable, and not to mention physically and mentally draining. We know pregnancy isn’t rainbows and butterflies, but this worst experience of your life that you decided to share with us…it’s temporary, among other things.  I can give you some examples of what the worst experience of someone’s life might look like, but I think mainstream media have already handed you that. And I’m not going to bash you for complaining about pregnancy…we’re all cuddled in here, all of us moms – regardless of how we got here…and no one’s judging right now…you are right, pregnancy TOTALLY blows at times.

But what I am going to do is to politely ask you to change your words!

Did you know that October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month? Stillborn, miscarriage, terminal childhood illness…these are permanent realities to many women and families. Did you also know 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining pregnancy? I’m sure you know this one since you experienced it first hand.

What if you changed your words ever so slightly and told us that this pregnancy was just bringing you down? You’ve reached your breaking point; you are done with the gross, the pain, the way your body feels, and you are just ready to be holding your beautiful miracle in your arms? AND THEN KIMMY, give the punch! What if you said something about infertility, pregnancy loss, or infant loss? About no matter how down you feel, that you know that these issues and the devastation that this can cause could really just be a moment away for any of us. That acknowledgement from you, it could change someone’s day in an amazing way. Help to unify us as we hold deep in our heart the sisters that have lived these experiences.

As a smart, beautiful woman with a voice, you could have used this opportunity to bring awareness to these taboo topics that weave in and out of our lives as women and mothers. You could have created such positive buzz! It was in the palm of your hand, my friend. Maybe next time?

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Sarah, a New Orleans native, transplanted to Houston after Hurricane Katrina and has never looked back. Mom to big sister Maggie {Aug 2011} who keeps her on her toes, the most adorable little brother Jack {Nov 2013}, and one final addition arriving in August 2016! Sarah is constantly striving to have it all as she juggles working on the managerial and operational end of the healthcare industry, planning adventurous weekends to explore all Houston has to offer with her husband and kids, and keeping up with friends and family. You can follow along with Sarah’s daily life on Instagram at @sarahschnure.


  1. Kim has spoken out about her infertility issues. This seems really unfair to pick on a woman who made a comment about how she doesn’t love being pregnant and tie it to supporting infant loss. As moms we should stand together by being okay with the fact that maybe not every one loves every minute of being pregnant and also supporting who have dealt with infant loss – not knocking one mom for saying something completely unrelated.


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