Lean on Me:: Reasons and Seasons for Friendships


Lean on Me:: Reasons and Seasons for Friendships

Friendships. I really needed them this past year. Rather it was a new friendship or one that has stood the test of time, I found myself leaning in on my people. My lifelines.

I’ve always been a gal who needs friends to help get me through the day. It feels better when I have someone to complain to and who understands me when I say that my kids are driving me nuts. A silly TikTok exchange that makes me laugh can bring me as much comfort and joy to me as my favorite throw blanket. I love a good throw blanket. 

Because of the type of year that 2020 was, it got me thinking about my friendships. They all help to depict different seasons of my life. One is not more special than the other, and all significant to me for different reasons. 

I’m sure you can relate.

Types of Friends

The friend I met in grade school. The girl who I was inseparable from since day one and who helped shape my childhood. And at this point, feels more like family to me than a friend. 

The high school bestie. The friend I got into trouble with and who helped me pick up the pieces from my first love broken heart.

Then there’s the college roomie. The one who saw me in my glory days and shared the best and unforgettable memories with me. The one I always pick up with right where I left off. 

The life after college friend. The one I knew in high school and randomly ended up in a new city with to start our careers and lives, and has been my best friend ever since.

The neighbor friend. The one who moved in next door to me, and I knew from the moment I met her that she was going to be in my life permanently. And the physical convenience of the friendship, an added bonus. Something we all need when raising kids.

And at age 35, there’s the group of unexpected friends. The women I didn’t see coming that helped me through a messy year. Who encompass {collectively and individually} ALL of the qualities that make an amazing friend. 

Friendship Calls in 2020

Lean on Me:: Reasons and Seasons for Friendships

Depending on the day or circumstance, I called on my friends in times of need or for a mental health check-in to see how each others days were going.

The childhood friend I called to reminisce with or for personal advice. Because they know me better than most.

The high school friend to discuss the good ole days or talk about life.

The college roomie – they got the random call after a few glasses of wine to talk about our crazy college days.

The life after college friend – well, she got all versions of me at any given time.

The neighbor friend – she got the random text to meet me in the cul-de-sac to let our kids play while we discussed our days.

The unexpected group of friends – well dang. I can’t even find the right words for them. They were my everything lifeline call. 

Friendships for Different Seasons

Connection. That’s what 2020 brought.

Had it not been for the pandemic, I’m not sure I would have connected and leaned in with all of my people in a way that felt as meaningful.

I think it’s important to pay attention to why people are put into our lives at certain times. The details, they matter. Whether it’s your childhood friend that you met at the fence, a high school friend to get you through your first heartbreak, or the unexpected friend that helped you get through a pandemic; there’s a reason.

As my mom always says, “we have friendships in life for different seasons. Some friendships stay a while, some are temporary, and others last a lifetime.” I’m grateful for my collection of friends.

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