Creating the Least Magical Summer

The past couple weeks I’ve found my Facebook newsfeed chocked full of links and lists on how I can create a “Magical Summer” for the little cherubs that call me Mom. Every time I see the word magical in this context I throw up in my mouth just a little bit. Now, to be fair I haven’t actually read what I’m supposed to do to create this glitter-filled, unicorn-appearing, pot-of-gold-finding, summer-long festival of magic, but whatever it is, I’m picking the opposite. Feel free to come along for the ride.

The Water

I’m going to put their swimsuits on, fill up that $10 plastic faded pool I got last year in front of HEB, and make them play with the hose for lots and lots of hours. If they want a drink, they can get it from the hose. If they want water toys, they can find them in the backyard. I also plan on cranking Kids Bop on Pandora while this is happening. We’re getting in the car at 7 a.m. and heading to the beach for the day every chance we get. There will be water, and lots of it!

The Food

We’re probably going to eat chips straight out of the bag and drink kool-aid with a side of watermelon off the rind and big juicy red strawberries that stain our faces. Nothing will be cut in a fancy shape. We’ll do PB&J, and add cereal, the sugar-filled kind. There will most definitely be Happy Meals that we picked up through the drive-thru barefoot and in our swimsuits. And ice cream.

The People

We’ll be busy building forts, putting on plays, musical dance numbers. No one will even notice I didn’t make a magical, edible sidewalk squirt paint in a rainbow of colors or host my own DIY science camp. We’re also not wearing shoes when we travel between each others’ houses or to jump in the car for the ride to the neighborhood pool.

The Movies

We’re going to watch every {appropriate} movie Netflix has to offer that was made before the year 2000. With microwave popped popcorn. And our Dad is going to build us the largest fort/pallet our living room has ever seen! There will be flashlights. And we’ll bring some of that kool-aid back out.

I hope there is a lot of getting dirty this summer, a lot of imagination, and a ton of fun.  It doesn’t take special trips, Pinterest projects, or elaborate schemes to create a summer filled with magic. I’m ready to slow it down, enjoy the long days, and take myself back to the summer glory of 1989. Being a kid is magical in itself, let’s just go with that!

Creating the Least Magical Summer | Houston Moms Blog


  1. Going to beach,playing with kids on the block,going to Rockaway Playland, pool in backyard and play volleyball in my yard,riding bikes or walking to movies, my memories of summer.


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