LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!}

A few short days ago, my sweet little boy hit a MAJOR milestone – he turned five years old.  {Pardon me while I dab the corner of my eyes for a bit.}  I know for those of you who are much farther along in this mom gig than I am, that probably doesn’t seem like a very big deal.  But after my little man’s heart-wrenching start to life, five years old is something that I wasn’t sure would even happen and something that was cause for a big celebration.  So we spent months planning, days packing, and finally on the morning of his big birthday, we surprised him with his first airplane ride and a trip to the one place he had been begging to go to…  LEGOLAND Florida!

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

Let me backtrack a bit.  Over the past several years, my son has become a bonafide Lego fanatic.  When he was a toddler, Duplos covered our playroom floor.  And as soon as he got the dexterity and grew out of the everything-in-the-mouth phase, he gradually transitioned to the Lego Juniors and now onto other various sets.  I’m telling you, this boy will spend hours in his room meticulously following the instruction books or letting his imagination run wild to create new and exciting things.  And any time he saves up a few bucks from chores or holidays, he insists on heading to the store to buy a brand new set.

Sound familiar?  I know my kid isn’t the only one who loves those little bricks!  And I also know that I’m probably not the only one who was all but clueless on planning the perfect family vacation there.  So alas, I reached out to the Master Builders over at LEGOLAND Florida to see if they’d be willing to partner up and help me bring the families of Houston some need to know info.  And today, I’m excited to combine my personal experience with the Master Builders’ top secret info to share 10 insider tips you must know before you go.  Because y’all…  Everything really IS awesome there.

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

1} Stay at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

When we were planning our trip, we looked at tons of different options on where to stay.  But here’s the thing…  Staying on-site at the resort itself is hands-down the way to go.  The look on your kiddo’s face when they first walk into the themed rooms, dancing to the music in the elevators, and the nonstop character meet-and-greets is simply priceless.  Plus, there are lots of perks for the parents like free breakfast buffets, Bonus Brick Time {aka early admission}, and coupons for a FREE 2nd day park admission.  Not to mention the convenience of being just steps away from the park so that you can leave and come back if your kiddos need a quick nap or you forget something!

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

2} Be sure to pack your Minifigures.

As  you’re tossing your kid’s toothbrush and clothes into a suitcase, tell them to grab some loose Minifigures and toss those in too.  Because while you’re on site – either at the resort or the park itself, you can trade your Minifigures with Model Citizens {their fancy term for the employees}.  My kiddos loved scoping out their next trade and had so much fun building their ideal collection.  Plus, they were a great way for them to occupy time while waiting in lines or sitting down for a break!

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

3} Spring for the Annual Membership.

Now, I’m no math whiz – but the Annual Membership is an absolute steal of a deal.  For just $99, you get unlimited admission to the regular park AND the water park, Bonus Brick Time, $15 off guest tickets {up to 6}, as well as 10% off dining, retail, hotel stays, VIP experiences, and Premium Play Bands.  You’re welcome to crunch the numbers, but basically it’s a few extra bucks up front that will save you major cash in the long run.  {Says the mom who spent way too much moola in the Big Shop and couldn’t get enough of those Granny’s Apple Fries.}

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

4} Stretch your trip into {at least} two days.

Now that you’re staying at the resort AND have that annual membership, I *strongly* suggest you stretch your time at the park into several days.  The reason I say that is two-fold…  {1} There is simply too much to do to try and cram into one singular day, especially if you truly want to soak it all up and stop for photo opps along the way.  {2} Your kids – and probably even the adults – will be absolutely exhausted and nearing meltdown mode by mid-afternoon.  My recommendation is to scope out the map ahead of time and come up with a plan that spans over {at least} two days, factoring in rest times and activities that appeal to all interests and ages.  I honestly think that little bit of pre-planning is what made our trip so fantastic from start to finish!

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

5} Bring a stroller.

Whether it’s an umbrella stroller, double stroller, sit’n’stand, or jogger, I can’t say enough how much of a game changer your stroller can be.  My two-year-old was so content riding along and checking out the Lego creations, my five-year-old was able to hitch a ride when his legs got tired, and above all else – it was just the storage I needed for water bottles, snacks, changes of clothes, and everything else we hauled along.  {More on those things below!}  Stubborn and insist that you don’t need one?  It’s okay — they have strollers for rent on a first come, first serve basis when you realize you should have taken my advice once you get there.

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

6} Use a crossbody bag.

I grabbed a crossbody bag from Target the day before we left on our trip, and it was possibly the smartest thing I could have done.  I loved having all of my valuables so close to my body as I chased my kiddos from ride to ride, and it didn’t get in the way at all when it was my turn to push the stroller.  Plus, there are lots of areas around LEGOLAND Florida where strollers are not permitted {lines for rides, theaters, even some dining options}, and while I know my stroller was completely safe parked among others, it felt good to not have a big, old bag to lug around like I typically carry.

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

7} Pack snacks and water.

Can I get a great, big hallelujah that LEGOLAND Florida allows you to bring in outside snacks and bottled water?!?  Thankfully, there are dining options at pretty much every turn of the park when you want to get a complete meal or need a morning cup of joe to help conquer the day.  But it never fails that my kiddos would get hungry while we were waiting in line for a ride or when we were trying to get to a show at the last possible second. And I was so thankful that we had swung into the grocery store across the street and stocked up on some essentials before checking in.

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

8} …and don’t forget a change of clothes.

Even if your child hasn’t had an accident in five years, be sure to toss a change of clothes into a plastic bag and throw it under your stroller.  There are SO many rides {even in the main park area} where they – and maybe even you – are going to get soaked, and the park is also well stocked with misters and splash pads if you go during the summer months and need to cool off for a bit.  And if you go while the water park is open, then be sure to pack swimsuits and changes of clothes for everyone in the family too!

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

9} Visit Guest Services.

Not only are the Model Citizens at Guest Services super sweet and able to answer any question under the sun, but they also have special buttons for things like first time visitors and birthdays that are completely free of charge.  {Another helpful hint is to chat with your kids about safety and who they can approach if they get lost or need help.  Guest Services is also where they take “Lost Parents,” so it is a great opportunity for you and your child to familiarize yourself with the area as soon as you step foot into the park.}

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

10} Make the most of your time there!

Now that you’ve planned accordingly, packed everything you could ever need, and decided how you want to tackle all that there is to do, it is time for you to watch your child’s eyes light up and try to keep up with them as they relish in every moment and every experience that LEGOLAND Florida has to offer.  It’s been several days since we got home from our trip and settled back into our mundane routine, but I still get tears in my eyes looking back at pictures and recounting what amazing memories we created together as a family.  And I know it will be the same for you and your loved ones too!

LEGOLAND Florida {Insider Tips Before You Go!} | Houston Moms Blog

Please Note :: This post and these resources would not have been possible without the help of our partners at LEGOLAND Florida, and we so hope it’s a help to you as you plan your trip too!

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