Let’s Get Real {Guest Post}

As a mom, I have realized that there are lots of times in life where we just need to tattle on ourselves.  Silly or serious – we just need to come together to be real with each other!  I’ve had fun confessing some of my quirks and convictions on my personal blog, and I am so excited for Houston Moms Blog to join me for this one too!

My son Grayson was born in March, and my husband was getting ready to graduate from seminary in May. That left us six weeks between our son being born and needing a job to move to. In those first four weeks of Grayson’s life, we traveled a lot to different locations for interviews.

Let's Get Real (2)If you are a mom, especially a first time new mom, you know that suddenly a weekend trip requires packing the entire nursery! So we hit the road with our Tucson filled to the brim with the pack ‘n play, blankets, sheets and extra sheets, enough baby clothes to last a month {you know – just in case}, our trusty Baby Bjorn, 20 pacifiers and burp cloths, and toys. {Hello, what four week old needs toys?} I packed one small suitcase for my husband and I along with the breast pump. I was set!

When traveling with a four week old who nurses every 2 – 2.5 hours, a four hour trip between Fort Worth and Houston turns into a 5 – 5.5 hour trip with a nursing stop halfway. So we made our pit stop, and I’m sitting in the backseat nursing Grayson while my husband Tony stood guard hiding us and talking about his interview that is in just three hours. Everything is great… At four weeks in, I’ve got this nursing thing down; we are getting excited and nervous to meet new people and a potential new job. When suddenly Grayson spews every ounce that he had just eaten all over me and all down my hair!  I catch it just in time to point him toward the open door to save the backseat. It was a hot mess! No big deal… I’m a mom, of course I’m prepared!

Let's Get Real (1)We unpack the entire back of the car to get to the suitcases and clear space to change our newborn. I change his diaper and clothes while Tony cleans up the splatters in the backseat. The baby is taken care of, so I hand him off to daddy to go take care of myself. Then I realize I have zero extra clothes! None.

So we drive the remaining 2 hours to Houston with me in my soaked tank top and my blouse hanging out of the window in an attempt to dry it out and get the smell out. I wash my hair with baby wipes {thanking God they are scented}, freshen up my make-up, take a DEEP breath, smile, and walk in to meet what will become our new church family smelling like baby spit up.

Tony’s now boss gives me a big hug greeting me to Houston, and I’m shrieking inside praying that he’s got a stuffy nose and won’t notice the smell. By God’s grace, he had four kids of his own and completely understood…and he totally got the job…in spite of my smell.

What are some of your awesome spit up stories? Let’s get real, we’ve all been there!

Diamend Bio

About Diamend B.

Diamend was born and raised in the Midwest {Missouri and Illinois}, married her high school sweetheart Tony, and followed him to Texas in 2009 to follow God’s calling to ministry. Diamend is a full-time working mom, minister’s wife, and momma to her sweet, Texan born son Grayson {March 2012}. When she’s not juggling work and a toddler, she’s pouring into middle school girls, dating her husband, blogging {www.biancobabbles.blogspot.com}, or devouring all the coffee and chocolate she can find.


  1. I’m unable to find her website, the link in the “about Diamend” section seems to be broken. (typing it in also isn’t working.)
    Anyway, I completely understand the crazy amounts of travel with a little baby, when my oldest (now almost 5) was an infant we traveled from Northern Minnesota to San Antonio for a weekend, and then two months later from Northern MN to Southern Mississippi. It was an adventure to say the least.


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