Luxury Meets Budget Friendly:: The Best Summer Movie Theater Experience

Summer is in full swing, and moms across Houston are desperate for activities to keep their little ones busy during the long, hot days ahead. Houston Moms Blog’s Ultimate Houston Summer Bucket List is a great resource for all kinds of summer fun across the city. Of course, there are many days that the scorching temperatures make it impossible to enjoy being outside for any length of time, and long lines and crowds at popular attractions are less than desirable too. On these days, sitting in a cold, dark movie theater with popcorn and an ice-cold beverage with quiet, entertained kids feels like heaven on earth.

In recent years, movie theaters have really stepped up their game, with amenities aimed to maximize their customers’ movie-going experience. These amenities, along with kid-friendly films for a great price, make The Grand Theatre Conroe and their Summer Kids’ Flicks Series the ideal beat-the-heat destination for Houston families this summer. 

Kid Friendly Movies on a Mom Friendly Budget

Everyone loves a summer movie, but the cost of taking a gaggle of children to the movie theater can get pricey, even for matinee films. Thankfully, all summer long, The Grand Theatre Conroe is offering tickets to their Summer Kids’ Flick Series, a box of popcorn, and a kid’s soda for only $4. Yes, you read that right. FOUR AMERICAN DOLLARS. I challenge you to name any other kid activity for that price. 

And my kids and yours will love the selection of movies in the series:: 

Reclining Movie Theater Seats

Listen, call me high maintenance, but I refuse to pay money (even $4!} to see a movie in a theater without roomy, reclining seats. This little bit of luxury makes the whole experience much more comfortable. And taking kids to the theater with these seats is a total game changer:: they are more comfortable and love the novelty of pushing that button to make the seat go up and down. And maybe it’s just me, but when the kids are comfortable, the likelihood of hearing Mommy I have to go potty! in the middle of a movie goes way down. The Grand Theatre Conroe has brand new reclining seats, just in time for summer!

Snacks and Drinks for Kids and Moms

For my kids, movie theater snacks are as good {or in some cases, better} than the actual movie. There’s just something about them having their own box of popcorn and fizzy drink that makes them giddy with excitement. The Summer Kids’ Flick Series has their snack needs covered, but what about Mom? I want a little summer indulgence too! Of course, I can buy my own tub of delicious salty, buttery popcorn {or grab some from my kids when they aren’t looking}, but sometimes I want an adult treat of my own. Moms- The Grand Theatre Conroe has the Daq Shack, a full bar full of amazingly decadent drinks, just for us. I think on our first movie outing, I’ll try the Banana Hammock. Yum!

These long, hot summer days with kids are all about finding fun places to go with minimum cost and maximum A/C. Thankfully, Grand Theatre Conroe’s Summer Kids’ Flicks series fits these requirements perfectly. Insanely good deals on tickets, yummy snacks, reclining seats, and a full bar? We are on our way!


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