Matching Your Mini

I never thought I would be one of those moms who wants to dress like their children.  I’m not a fan of the color pink, Disney World sounds like my worst nightmare, and Christmas music makes me want to scratch my eyes out.  I guess you can say that I have a low threshold for cheeseball things – that is until having a baby.

I am now obsessed with matching my little man.  And boy moms – don’t think you can get out of this one just because you didn’t have a girl!

I know the window of this being cute and socially acceptable is very small {to some non-existent}, so I’m trying to get this out of my system within his first year.  If you too are suffering from Mini-Matching Syndrome, you’ve come to the right place!  I have several places for you to shop that will help feed your addiction, even some with options for the entire family if you are lucky enough to have a partner who is a good sport and will play along like mine!

Matching Your MiniWhat to Wear

Holidays are a great time to dress alike and not be made to look like an idiot {at least not much of one}.  Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day are both right around the corner and would make perfect excuses for a little matchy-matchy moment.  You can either go full-on matching with an adult and kid version of the exact same shirt or leggings {see below on where to buy} or you can just coordinate with each other.  Maybe a matching scarf and onesie combo!  Jack and I both sported puffer vests this Christmas.  They weren’t the exact same {his was from Gap, and mine Talbots} – but you get the same effect!

Where to Shop

And now on to the good stuff!  You can go ahead and pull your credit cards out for this part.

  • Hello Apparel :: Leggings, tees, and sweatshirts, oh my!  All with adult, baby, and kid sizing.  This is my go-to place for fun matching outfits as pictured above in the Hello shirts and Holiday sweatshirts.  They are currently selling Valentine’s t-shirts, baseball tees, and leggings for adults and kids.  These will sell out fast – so hurry!  Hello Apparel also carries the cutest family collection with a male tee, female tee, kid tee, and baby tee.  As soon as we add to our crew, I see a photo shoot in our future!  Hello Apparel is also where the infamous Gold Glitter “I’m So Tired” sweatshirt comes from as seen here.
  • SaSea Decor :: Another great shop that offers matching adult and kid tees for every holiday.  I think you can still snag an “Olive You” VDay baseball tee.  Jack and I will be sporting these this year.
  • Nolafionnah :: This shop is my new favorite shop to stalk on Instagram and buy for Jack.  Owner Jessica is awesome to work with and is a mom herself in New Orleans – one of my favorite places!  Her shop offers everyday and holidays pieces for your kiddos with fun accents for you!  I can’t wait to receive my Mardi Gras scarf from her shop to match Jack’s new Mardi Gras onesie….you don’t always have to do matchy tees.  A scarf is a perfect accent piece!  Check her shop out on Etsy and follow her on Instagram to be in the know of upcoming pieces.
  • J. Crew :: J. Crew has been known to put out some identical pieces in the women’s and kid’s lines.  I haven’t seen anything yet for boy moms, but girl moms went crazy for some of the blouses this season that came in women’s and girl’s sizing.  You could always purchase a matching chambray top for you and your littles too!
  • Gap and Old Navy :: I haven’t seen identical matching pieces from Gap and Old Navy, but what I have found is great coordinating items for the whole family.  These are great places to hit if you are taking family photos and need something for everyone.
  • Hannah Anderson :: If you aren’t quite ready for matching daytime items for all the world to see, matching pajamas are the way to go!  Hannah Anderson is perfect for matching PJ sets for you, baby, and even the dog…yes, the dog!

When Enough is Enough

Clearly this isn’t something you want to do every single day.  You might give your child a complex and be talked about in the mommy circles.  Let’s stick to holidays and a couple of times a month MAX with a professional photo session thrown in there every now and again so you can embarrass show your mini when they are teenagers.

Be sure and leave a comment letting me know if you are for or against this!  And if you are for it, where do YOU shop?

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Chelsea is a native Houstonian now residing in Sugar Land. She is married to Jason who she met at the Houston Rodeo of all places! Together they have two boys, Jack {May 2013} and Colin {October 2015} along with their puppy brother, a Chihuahua named Tucker. Chelsea spends Monday through Friday working full-time in the healthcare industry in marketing and business development in order to keep up with her online shopping and Starbucks addiction. She can win any pop-culture game you throw her way, enjoys long strolls through Target and Sephora, and believes that anything can and should be monogrammed. You can follow Chelsea’s daily adventures over at The Perfect Catch Blog or on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest as @ChelseaPurifoy.


  1. Oh man! I wish I had known about nolafionnah earlier! We’re doing a Mardi Gras themed birthday party for my 2-year-old, and some of that stuff would’ve been precious!

  2. I think I’m most excited about having kids so I can match them (that’s an exaggeration) you always see girl mom’s matching but you and Jack are a good reminder that you can match or coordinate with boys too!


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