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Michelle’s Story

I’m already tearing up over here, and I just started writing…isn’t that sad? I guess because it is so close to my little guy’s 1st birthday, I am feeling the overwhelming sense of -“Where did my baby go?” But I digress…

Finding Out and Preparing


We were ready to start a family and knew that we would just start trying and see what would happen. Little did I know that I would end up pregnant THE FIRST time we tried! Fast forward about three weeks – I was getting ready for work and felt just a little bit ‘off.’ I was hungry, and normally I am never hungry in the morning. I decided to take a test just to see what would happen. In fact, I forgot about it until I was getting ready to leave. So I hurried up and ran into the bathroom to throw it away when I saw that it was positive! I panicked, thought to myself that there was no way I was pregnant already, and took another test. Positive. I ran into the bedroom to wake my husband up, and I yelled {while shaking him violently} – “I’m PREGNANT!!!” He groggily looked up at me, smiled, said “that’s nice,” and went back to sleep. Thanks, honey! {He later claimed that he thought he was still asleep when I told him the news! He called me about 30 minutes after the big moment to share in my excitement!} I spent the next 9.5 months preparing for our little boy and was ready for our induction date on December 27th!

The Gory Details

My labor was pretty much effortless. I tend to sway on the side of dramatic though, so titling this section ‘gory’ seemed like the right thing to do. My husband and I arrived at Memorial Hermann North {610 and Ella}, and we were checked in around 9 pm the night of the 26th. Our amazing nurses {I’m serious!!! These women were INCREDIBLE!} prepared me for what would begin my induction process, and my sister met us there for moral support. I was started on Cytotec at about 10:00 pm  to help my labor progress, and around 1:30 am I was in some SERIOUS labor pains! The anesthesiologist was called, and I was given my epidural at 2:30 am. I finally caught some sleep, and around 5:00 am I heard a *POP* and realized my water had broke! At that point I was awake and very excited!

Around 8:45 am, we called family and told them to go ahead and head on over to the hospital – Baby A was on his way! I was feeling a tremendous amount of pressure and started to feel some pain around 9:15. My epidural wasn’t working 100%, and I started to feel very apprehensive about how much pain I would feel when I was pushing. I was checked by the nurse one final time at 9:40 and was told that it was time to push! At that exact moment, I don’t know how to explain it, the pain just went away. I knew I had a job to do, and the pain was nothing but an obstacle that I knew I could overcome. I started pushing at 9:45, and at 10:24 am on December 27th, my handsome little boy was born!!! He weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 20.5 inches long and absolutely perfect. I was a mommy. I was in love. I was in awe.


The doctor sewed me up {2nd degree tear – oh, what fun!}, and my family entered the room soon after! Then, the lactation consultant came by and pretty much whipped my boobs out for the world to see. It was SO EMBARRASSING!!


I don’t remember much about that day – having my little boy was a blur for me. I don’t really remember the doctor sewing me up. I don’t really remember what was going on around me immediately after I had him. All I remember was being handed my beautiful little boy for the first time, and just…well…I’ll let the photo below tell the rest of the story.


I’m so thankful for family that took tons of pictures, a husband that brought me a coke as soon as I was cleared to have a drink, and a love from both the baby and him that wraps around me and reminds me that life is pretty close to being absolutely perfect.


Do I want to have any more children? I’m not really sure. It is something I think about often and just hope that if and when I do, my labor and delivery go as smoothly as this one did!

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  1. I just adore that picture of you and Baby A. I think it pretty much encapsulates exactly how we all feel when handed our baby for the first time. Just beautiful.

  2. And your hair is in a great bun! 🙂 I remember seeing that picture (almost a year ago!) and tearing up and it still gets me. Such love Michelle! Beautiful story!


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