Minimalist Bullet Journaling For Moms

Have you heard of bullet journaling? It’s a flexible method of organizing your lists and plans that only uses a notebook and pen, and I’m obsessed with it.

What is Bullet Journaling?

First things first… If this is your first introduction to bullet journaling, you might want to check out the original website to get an overview of it. Once you’ve got that, you need to know that bullet journals are as diverse as the people using them! That’s what is so great about them — their flexibility. I say this up front because you might go searching for examples online, find people who do amazing hand-lettering and embellishment on theirs, and get overwhelmed. But I am here in praise of the minimalist bullet journal, and I’m telling you, it’s for everyone!

Minimalist Bullet Journaling For Moms | Houston Moms BlogNot what my bullet journal looks like.
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Bullet journals are great because they can be the only notebook or system that you need. However, you can also use them alongside a planner or in conjunction with a digital system. You can use them for any and every kind of list, to track habits, to set goals, to keep memories, and more. They are supremely functional, and using one will help clear your mind of junk and center your focus.

Getting Started

Once you’ve decided to try it out, here are some steps to getting started ::

  1. Read a comprehensive guide. This is my favorite one.
  2. Spend some time thinking about how you want your bullet journal to function for you. What pages do you want, and what do you not? For example, I knew that I wanted a monthly review & plan, weekly pages, daily pages, and a habit tracker. I knew I did NOT want a future log {I use Google calendar} or a monthly log. I also decided I was not going to try to make mine pretty or fancy.
  3. Browse the #minimalistbujo on Instagram and look through @minimalistbujo to help you decide on your layouts.
  4. Pick your notebook. I use a dotted Moleskine. The dots are the best, in my opinion. I have never tried a Leuchtturm but a lot of people love them, too. They have a pre-printed index and page numbers. Oh, and my favorite pen is a Pentel Energel.
  5. Start with an index, and then jump in!

Minimalist Bullet Journaling for Moms | Houston Moms BlogMinimalist bullet journal pages I love.
Photo Credits :: @tetheredandtold / @nicolebujo / @greydoorstudio@kapachino {that’s me!}

How to Use a Bullet Journal with a Planner or Apps

I actually just bought a really beautiful planner that I am going to try using for daily and weekly pages, but I will not be abandoning my bullet journal! I still plan to use my habit tracker and keep all my collections of lists in it. This includes sermon notes, trip preparations, books read, reading challenge, shows to watch, weekend projects, seasonal bucket lists, menu rotation, and more.

In addition to using Google calendar, I also use a to-do list app. I love that I can set repeating tasks, schedule them for as far in the future as I need to, and make sub-categories of to-do lists. However, every morning I open my app and write down my tasks for the day in my bullet journal. This process helps me determine my priorities, and the act of writing them down helps me keep them in the forefront of my mind.

I hope by now I’ve convinced you to start a bullet journal, because I need more converts to my obsession! Back-to-school is the new January, so there is no better time to jump in. 



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