Modern Conveniences Helping Moms Do it All

We are thankful to work with Regions Bank and love how they make life easier for us busy moms! This post is sponsored by Regions Bank, Member FDIC.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the “olden days” when women spent all day preparing meals, washing dishes by hand, washing their family’s laundry by hand and hanging it out to dry, and sewing their own clothes. How did they do it all? Just thinking about all of those things makes me tired!

I am so grateful to live during a time when so many time-consuming things have become much more convenient. The more I think about it, the more grateful I feel. I mean, even while I’m writing this, I have a load of laundry washing in the washing machine and my dishes are clean and ready for me to unload from my dishwasher. My refrigerator is stocked with goodies like butter {that I didn’t have to churn myself} and milk {that I didn’t have to get directly from a cow} and fruits and veggies and meat {that I did not have to grow/raise/harvest myself}. And goodness, banking and managing finances could truly consume me, but now I’m able to go to one of my convenient Houston Regions Bank branches to take care of all those financial needs in a jiffy.

Regions is a bank that is always striving and innovating to make life better, and your financial transactions even easier.  They are opening five new branches in the Houston area this spring-summer, all of which will feature new services and technologies to make everyday banking a breeze. For one thing, Regions Bank is making a change to the traditional teller lines! Going to the bank has been one of those chores I dread doing with kids {right up there with going to the post office}. There ALWAYS seems to be a line at the bank and those lines are never stroller-friendly.

When I learned about how Regions Bank is evolving to make the branch experience more customer friendly, I couldn’t help but smile! Regions Bankers greet you at the door and can help you with all of your needs–from cashing checks and accepting deposits to opening savings and checking accounts to long-term financial planning. Brilliant! No more standing in the eternal teller lines, trying to maneuver a stroller {and keep my kids from playing with those poles and ropes that they always use to mark the line boundaries}, only to arrive at an impersonal window where the person on the other side barely even looks at me.

Regions Bank is also updating their ATMs! They are now installing Video Banking ATMs in their new branches. These Video Banking ATMs connect customers directly with “Video Bankers” who can help with account maintenance and general questions. Such a smart idea! And the best part is these Video Banking ATMs are available during extended hours and on the weekends.

Regions is really focused on making banking easier for their customers so they can focus more on life and worry less about money. Thankfully, Regions Bank is opening FIVE new branches here in the Houston area this year. Check below for locations and opening dates, and visit to learn more and take a virtual tour of this cool innovative branch design.

As a busy mom, there are times when I just don’t have the time or energy to load everyone up and actually visit my local branch. Thankfully, Regions’ expert team of Virtual Concierge Bankers are are able to help with any question, from anywhere.  They can talk customers through everything from Online Banking to Remote Check Deposits, as well as advise and guide customers on both short and long-term financial planning. Customers can also use Email, Chat, Phone and LinkedIn, providing even more options and flexibility to bank when and where you want. What a time to be alive. 

Thinking of the “olden days” reminds me of even more modern conveniences that are making life just a little bit easier.

1. Grocery Delivery/Curbside Pick-Up

I will never forget how grateful I was for a delivery of groceries I received soon after my youngest baby came home from the hospital. My three oldest were at school, my youngest son was napping, and my newborn baby had just fallen asleep on her own. I could track the progress of the delivery on a handy app and I stood at the door so I wouldn’t disturb the peace. It was AMAZING! I had all the ingredients I needed to whip up some easy meals and I did not have to pack up my sleeping kids and try to suffer through a shopping trip while still recovering myself.

Now many grocery stores in our area offer delivery or curbside pick-up options. It is incredibly more convenient and it makes it easier to ensure I buy everything on my list. And, my baby girl doesn’t have a meltdown in the checkout line. I’m calling that a win!

2. TV/Movie Streaming Services

Remember back in the day when we had to dig out movies from a shelf or drawer? Or when we had to memorize the days and times our favorite shows came on, hoping to see a new episode? Now we can binge-watch to our hearts’ content and incessant commercial breaks are a thing of the past. Want to watch a movie you have purchased digitally? Easy! Just scroll through your list of movies or search for it. It has simplified the whole entertainment process. As an added bonus, little sticky fingerprints never get on digital copies and digital movies don’t get lost under shelves or between the seats in your car!

Fridays at our house are “Pizza & Movie Nights.” It is so much more convenient to scroll through the digital movies and instantly get our fun night off to a great start.

What conveniences would you add to the list?

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