Okay, Mom… You Were Right

Mom Is Always Right

Do you ever open your mouth, and your mother comes out? You know what I’m talking about. You swore that when you were a mom, you’d never do this or say that. And then all of a sudden on a random Tuesday afternoon out of nowhere it happens. And in this moment you can no longer hide from the truth…

You are becoming your mother.

It hasn’t just taken three years of motherhood to realize that Mom was right about some things. Really, once I graduated from college and officially got kicked into the real world, I figured out that she was actually smart. Like really smart. And she knew things that even my wise 22-year-old self didn’t know.

Imagine that.

So, Mom, for all of those times you thought I wasn’t listening. I was.

Kind of.

Mom, here are a few things you were right about ::

  • Hobby Lobby really isn’t that bad. In fact, I actually get excited to go there as an adult! I am kicking myself for ever thinking it was punishment when you took me to pick up wired ribbon, artificial sunflowers, or snowman silverware holders.
  • One of your sayings {yes, you have a lot of them} was “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” And as a teenager, I sure did stress about every. single. thing. Important situations like, “Should Lora spend the night at my house on Friday, or should I stay at her house?” or, “Should my boyfriend and I have separate ribbons on my 45-pound Homecoming mum, or should we be together on our own ribbon of love?”  Cue the meltdown. Man, how did I handle ALL THAT STRESS. Good grief.
  • There is no pain like that from a hot glue gun. Mom – your poor fingers have so many battle wounds from when you helped me with projects. Specifically the Indian dreamcatcher project in sixth grade. Which brings me to my next point…
  • Procrastinating is ALWAYS a bad idea. I can still remember getting chewed up and spit out for waiting to tell you about said Indian project until the eleventh hour. Has the statute of limitations passed on this apology? I think not.
  • You always said I’d marry someone older than me, that I needed someone who could take care of me, and who would be an intellectual balance for my occasional lack of common sense. I married a guy nine years older. And in a lot of ways that neither of you probably see, you are a lot alike. Which is as comforting as it is frightening.
  • Another one of your pearls of wisdom is “Kill ‘em with kindness.” This one is probably my favorite and most used piece of advice you’ve ever given me. Life isn’t fair, and people aren’t always nice. But you still should go out of your way to be nice to them anyway. You taught me to take the high road because it’s less crowded up there.
  • Being in your pajamas by 6 p.m. is a very good idea. Vacuuming the living room while singing along to the Cher “Live in Concert” DVD when your daughter brings home her sorority pledge class…not a good idea.
  • If I had a nickel for every time you said, “I bet we can find that cheaper at Wal-Mart,” I’d have a lot of nickels. I say something like this often, except I replace Wal-Mart with Amazon. Money management was a valuable lesson you were trying to teach me. I get that now.
  • You were right that I had absolutely no clue how to wear makeup in my early teens. Like you always told me, I had a baseline. It was painfully obvious that my three-shades-too-dark foundation stopped about six inches away from my jawline. And then there was that time I tried to make blue mascara happen. Oh, junior high. I visibly cringe when I look back at pictures of the most awkward time of my life.
  • I used to give you a hard time about the gigantic bows you put on my head when I was a little girl. But, I get it now. I looked like a boy with my short, thin, white hair, and you realized that I desperately needed some sort of gender identification. And if I ever have a girl, she will get the same sized bows. The bigger the bow, the closer to God.
  • It doesn’t get much better than breakfast for dinner. There’s just something about bacon and pancakes at the end of the day that is good for the soul. You were right about that.
  • You always told me, “High school isn’t the best time of your life.” You were right. You were right. You were right. There, I said it. I couldn’t see it at the time, but the drama from those days and the things I worried about don’t actually matter anymore. And frankly, they didn’t matter much at the time. It was just hard to see the forest for all the trees {oh, look…another one of your sayings}.

Ok Mom...You Were Right | Houston Moms Blog

Mom, you were right about so many things {but let’s not get carried away…you were wrong once or twice!}. All of your sage advice that I am beginning to pass on to my children will perhaps come back full circle one day.  And if it does, I’ll shake my head and think to myself…“She is still right.”

Do any of you have moments where you realized that your mom was right? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Amazing , huh? Well done, Brittney. Your Mom is really smart and now you are really smart for recognizing that. Just hold on for several years…your sons and daughter in laws will notice how smart you are….ONE DAY!


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