Moms, Leave Cleaning Your Floors to the Professionals

Houston Moms is proud to partner with Serenity Floor Care to share with Houston Moms how they can get their carpet, rugs and tile cleaned by professionals this fall.

The past six months have been hard on our house, and especially our floors. Our three elementary aged kids were home from traditional school until just a few weeks ago, my husband was working from home for several months, and we added a #pandemicpuppy to the mix this summer. All this added up to a disgusting amount of dirt, spills, puppy accidents and grime tracked in and deposited on our carpet, rugs, and tile. Yuck.

Several times I tried to tackle the mess myself. I googled “how to clean milk on a rug”, but ended up making a bigger mess with the solution than with the original spill. After missing the puppy’s cues to take her outside, I scrubbed the spot on my son’s floor with a cleaner promising to rid carpets of pet urine odor- it didn’t work. The final straw was when I committed an afternoon to scrubbing the bathroom tile grout using a toothbrush. After one hour, a sore back, and mediocre results, I decided that my time and mental sanity are too precious to spend any more time doing cleaning jobs that are much better left to the professionals. 

Moms, Leave Cleaning Your Floors to the Professionals

Thankfully, I found a Houston area company to fix all three of my disgusting floor situations in a single afternoon. Serenity Floor Care specializes in carpet and rug cleaning, pet odor removal, and tile and grout cleaning. The number I reached them at was 713-853-9399. They cleaned both my boys’ bedroom carpets, the tile in our downstairs bathroom and laundry room, and our area rug in the living room. The crew was friendly, professional, and the results were fantastic. 

Customer Service

Moms, Leave Cleaning Your Floors to the Professionals

Setting up my appointment with Serenity Floor Care was simple, and they were great about working with me around my busy work and kid-activities schedule. I talked to Joshua, the owner, told him my floor-cleaning needs and he gave me a thorough explanation of their process and what they would be using to clean the carpets and tile. When Serenity’s team arrived at my house, they were all wearing masks and were professional and respectful. They carefully moved items out of the way before they started cleaning. It was obvious they took pride in their work as they rechecked every area to make sure it was thoroughly cleaned, and before they left, they made sure I was satisfied with the work.


As a mom, I know that keeping the surfaces that my kids and pets play on clean and sanitized is important for their health. But I’m also concerned with them being exposed to chemicals that could potentially harm them. Serenity Floor Care’s carpet cleaning process removes dirt, hair, soiling, and pet stains using products that are completely safe for kids and pets. To clean the tile and grout, they use state of the art equipment that leaves no chemical residue and dries within minutes. It was such a relief to not have to restrict the kids’ access to their spaces or worry about them breathing in or touching dangerous chemicals during or after the floor cleaning. 


Before and After Tile Cleaning

The results of our carpet, rug and tile cleaning are fantastic. The rooms smell fresh {not at all sour as has been my previous experience with carpet cleaning} and the floors, especially the tile, look brand new. My daughter walked into the bathroom and marveled at the floors, “Wow, they are so bright and clean!” 

Moms, I know your dirty floors and carpets are stressing you out. Now that the weather is cooling off and you’re pulling out those fall decorations, take this chore off your plate and get your floors cleaned for the new season. You’ll be so glad you outsourced this job best left to the professionals at Serenity Floor Care. 

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