3 Reasons Moms Will Love ALDI

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Grocery shopping is one of those necessary evils of adulthood; I have to do it, but is it ever really enjoyable? When I go to an overwhelmingly large grocery store, I can easily become overwhelmed and discouraged. The choices are endless, the prices seem to be higher every trip I make, and the store is so big that if I forget something on the other side … it tacks on a good ten extra minutes to my trip.

I’d heard a little bit of buzz about ALDI and what a different, but amazing, shopping experience it provided, but I was skeptical. I’ll admit, I was confused when I heard I had to bring a quarter to use a shopping cart, provide my own bags, and shop for everything I need to feed my family in only a few aisles. Well, after one trip to ALDI, consider me converted…

3 Reasons Moms Love ALDI | Houston Moms Blog

1} The Simplicity

When I first walked into ALDI , my first impression was, “This is It?” By today’s standards, the store is very small. In addition to having very few aisles, there are no flashy displays or samples, and there are only a few varieties and/or brands of each type of product. However, as a mom who has to make a million choices each day, this was actually a huge relief. I didn’t spend ten minutes in the cereal section choosing just the right granola; I looked at my three choices … and picked one. I was amazed at how quickly I made it through my shopping list, and because there just isn’t the endless variety of choices, I hardly made any extra impulse purchases.

ALDI encourages their customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags {although you can purchase plastic and reusable bags if you desire}. I completely forgot to bring my own bags, but grabbed a couple of cardboard boxes that were used in displays to hold the food in my cart and then in my car. ALDI encourages this, and it’s a great way to recycle boxes!

3 Reasons Moms Love ALDI | Houston Moms Blog

2} The Selection

There isn’t a huge number of each product to choose from, but I was impressed at the quality of the choices I did have. The produce, meat, and dairy were all fresh, and the boxed and packaged items neatly displayed. One thing I was not expecting was the number of organic products available. I love to buy organic when I can, but many times it’s cost prohibitive. I was able to purchase organic produce, milk, coffee, and Little Journey Baby Pouches for less than I would buy conventional products at another grocery store.

Since I still have a little one in diapers, I wanted to try out the ALDI store brand, Little Journey. I paid significantly less than I do for name brand diapers, and I’m happy to report that my little guy has stayed leak-free and comfortable since we’ve been using them.

3 Reasons Moms Love ALDI | Houston Moms Blog

3} The Savings

ALDI is a small, no-frills grocery store, and as a result, they are able to offer exceptionally low prices. Seriously, I was amazed at how little I paid for a gallon of milk and a bag of organic SimplyNature Sweet Potato Chips {less than $2 each}. Since I was spending so little on the essentials on my list, I didn’t think twice about adding two bottles of wine to my cart {also under $6 each}. I’m eager to expand my dinner repertoire now that I have a store that offers fresh, quality ingredients for so much less.

One way ALDI keeps prices so low is by not paying staff to retrieve their carts from the parking lot. If you want to use one of their carts you’ll need to deposit a quarter in the slot in the cart to unlock it. You get your quarter back when you return it to the corral.  

3 Reasons Moms Love ALDI | Houston Moms Blog

Shopping at ALDI is different than any other grocery shopping experience, but it’s a fantastic experience. Moms everywhere will appreciate its simple layout, quality selection, and low, low prices. Whether you are an ALDI skeptic like I was or are just hearing about this company for the first time, make time to visit your closest store next time you grocery shop!

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  1. I love Aldi. The cheese is good, the meat is good quality, and the produce is awesome and fresh. I even like to try out things new to me, the German or Dutch pastries and breads. I always go with a list. When produce is cheap, I buy extra to put in the freezer. And the store that I go to has no smell as in no spoiling produce or a stinky cooler that contains dairy products.

  2. I did not like shopping at ALDI. First off, who carries a quarter in this day of debit cards? Next, I did NOT find their prices to be be lower than Kroger or Costco (where I mainly shop). You would think with the hassle of the quarter for a cart, no shopping bags and very limited choices, the prices would be way better. This is a German based company. The last time I was in Germany I ordered a coke with ice in a restaurant. The waiter asked me “how many cubes” I wanted?. ALDI reminds me of that experience. I will stick with the large American grocery stores.

  3. I discovered Aldi 20+ years ago while living in St. Louis. I loved the simplicity. It was a lifesaver and cost saver when packing three lunches daily for school lunches! I highly recommend the store especially for young parents whose time and money is limited. I’m glad they’ve finally made it to Houston! Great article!

  4. I have known about ALDI for a long time and used to go there when I lived in Indiana. But here in South/Central Missouri I have to drive over an hour to go to the nearest store. I have contacted them and suggested they look into building a store here, at Lake of the Ozarks. I keep my fingers crossed.

  5. One of my favorite things about Aldi; sometimes I’ll catch markdowns. Not necessarily because of the date on the product, maybe overstock. I’ve gotten hershey’s 6 ct chocolate bars for $1, oyster crackers for .25, fancy bread 1/2 off, just periodically catch great stuff. Sometimes you need to eat the produce fast, sometimes it is fine for days and days.


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