Mother’s Day 2020:: A Husband’s Perspective

This Mother’s Day, we are honored to share the perspective of Ryan G., husband of Houston Moms Blog contributor Christy. 

Mother’s Day 2020:: A Husband’s Perspective

For many of us, this Mother’s Day will be different. I know ours will be. I am aware now, more than ever, of how much my wife {our Mom} does for us.

A New Perspective

Since I’ve spent the last couple of months working from home, I have a completely different perspective of what my wife’s day to day life is like. I didn’t realize how much I took her for granted. I just didn’t know any better. For us, weekends and vacations are not the same as the Monday to Friday grind. While I have been home, I’ve been determined to do more around the house and to be more involved with my wife and kids. And I have. That’s when the realization came. 

I have a new and profound appreciation for everything that has to be done, and my wife is usually the one to do it. Cooking. Cleaning. Laundry. Meal planning. Shopping. Gardening. Exercising. Feeding the pet. Cleaning up after the pet. Substitute teaching. Zoom calls. Martial arts assistance. Managing schedules. More Zoom calls. Organizing any and all gifts and cards that are given on behalf of anyone in our family. FaceTime calls with family. Paying bills. Arts and crafts. Holiday planning and decorating. Bath and bedtime. So yep, she’s busy. And let’s not forget about the kids’ tantrums, meltdowns, fears, and tears.

One of the biggest lessons that has been reinforced in me during this time is not to judge others, and mothers are often on the receiving end of a lot of judgment. It is OK to be you. You are great. There is no manual on how to mother, and I know most are really trying their best. So, let’s be supportive, positive, and forgiving. It could change someone’s life.

All Moms Should be Celebrated

We are all different, and that should be celebrated . . . especially when it comes to moms. Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, a mom-to-be, a mom at heart who is desperately trying to have a baby, a birth mom, an adoptive mom, a stepmom, a second mom, a sports mom, or a pet mom—you’re likely the most important person in someone’s life. If you’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a mother’s love, you know there is nothing like it.

Our Mom makes sure everyone else is OK, even if she isn’t. She puts the needs of others before her own. And if that wasn’t stressful enough, there’s so much pressure these days to be everywhere and do everything. Not only is that impossible, but there is also pressure to do it all perfectly. Our Mom may not be “perfect,” and that’s perfectly fine with us.

Showing Gratitude this Mother’s Day

We are so thankful for everything our Mom does for us. She is more than enough. We love her smile, her laugh, her thoughtfulness, her creativity, and most of all, we love the way she loves us. We want her to know that it is OK to have a bad day. It is OK to take a break. It is OK to cry. We want to be there for her like she is always there for us. Always. 

While Mother’s Day is such an important day to recognize all of the wonderful women who fulfill the role of mothers, it would be a shame if we only celebrated them once a year. We should express our gratitude in the little moments. It doesn’t need to be profound. The idea is just to acknowledge the day-to-day efforts, so that she feels appreciated. Gratitude and positivity are contagious. And motivating. So, on this Mother’s Day, let’s show our moms how special they are to us.

To our Mom and all mothers:: We see you. We love you. We thank you. And we celebrate you! Happy Mother’s Day.

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Christy grew up in Cajun Country. After graduating from LSU, she worked as an editor for a Louisiana chef. After Hurricane Katrina devastated her home state, she assisted in the recovery efforts, which ultimately moved her to Houston. Christy and Ryan were married in St. Lucia in 2006. Five years later, after welcoming their first child, Lilla {March 2011}, she became a high school English and Photojournalism teacher. After Flynn {March 2013} joined their family, Christy became a stay-at-home mom. Soon after, the family jumped at the chance to move to Perth, Western Australia. After almost four years, they relocated to Santiago, Chile. Both places {and their wines} hold a special place in her heart. Christy enjoys cheering on her beloved LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints, texting friends in complete sentences, taking heaps of photos, planning vacations, advocating for our planet, and cooking delicious meals in her kitchen.


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