My Hopes for You, On Your First Day of Kindergarten

It’s finally here! We’ve been talking about it for months- your first day of Kindergarten. You know this is a big deal, but there’s no way you could possibly comprehend the significance that today is the first day of the school years, which will span more than a decade. You are the Class of 2031, a year that today seems impossibly far into the future, but I know much too soon I’ll be staring at you in your cap and gown saying, How did we get here so quickly?

My Hopes For You, On Your First Day of Kindergarten. A photograph of two young children wearing backpacks and walking to school. Logo: Houston moms blog. And So it Begins

The context of so many of your lifelong, concrete memories begins today. Your toddler and preschool years, the source of enormous change and growth, will soon vanish from your memory, save for a few flashes. But years from now, you will definitely recall much about the school years, and these memories will bring you great nostalgia as an adult.

Today, a seemingly ordinary day in August, is the start of something really special. What you experience in the coming days, months and years will shape your beliefs, your passions, and the way you relate to other human beings throughout your life.

It’s impossible to predict all the highs, lows and in-between moments you’ll experience in these years, but there are a few key hopes I have for you as you start this school journey.

My Hopes for You as You Start the School Years

I hope you will make wonderful, life-giving friendships, and you won’t waste too much time trying to be popular.

I hope that you will work hard for your grades, but won’t let the pursuit of all As dull the joy of learning.

I hope you will fall in love with reading, and with fictional characters you won’t want to say goodbye to as your turn the last page of a book.

I hope you will also fall in love with your smart, passionate teachers who will make literature, history and even algebra come alive in your classrooms.

I hope you will graduate with a firm grasp on the differences between your and you’re, to and too, and there, their and they’re. {Trust me, when you are trying to make a point on the internet, the grammar police will be out in full-force}.

I hope that you’ll bravely raise your hand, even when a classroom discussion makes you uncomfortable or you aren’t certain you know the right answer.

I hope you will keep track of your coat and lunch box {they cost money to replace}, and remember to put your homework in your backpack, because I’m not bringing it to school for you if you forget.

I hope you are kind.

I hope you make good choices {your neighbor whose test you want to copy from probably doesn’t know the answer either}.

I hope you love learning.

You are Ready

Your lunch is packed. Your new backpack sits patiently by the door, anxiously awaiting adventures of the next 9 months. When I hug and kiss you goodbye this morning, I may find my eyes filled with tears. I won’t be crying with sadness, but with pride, excitement and anticipation at the wild, wonderful life that’s ahead of you. You are ready. Go chase your dreams, sweet child.

I hope you have a great first day of Kindergarten. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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My Hopes For You, On Your First Day of Kindergarten. A photograph of two young children wearing backpacks and walking to school. Logo: Houston moms blog.


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