My Mommy Started Working Today

boy sits at desk writing in notebookMy mommy started working today. She seemed nervous and excited at the same time. She has been home with me and my little sister ever since I was born. Eight and a half years is a long time to be at home. I am really excited for her to start something new.

She told me that her working is a good thing, because she is ready to do more now that we are both in school for the full day. She says she feels like she has a lot to offer, and she can still do her job as a mommy, too. Plus, she is going to make some money. I know that will make Daddy feel better, since our lives seem to only get more and more expensive. We also just recently moved into a new home, and mommy has some big ideas on how to make it look better. She even wants us to build a pool in the backyard, and I am totally on board with that!

Sometimes I feel a little unsure about Mommy working, because she is going to be extra busy, and she was already busy before. She will be switching off between working in the office and working from home. I like the idea of her working from home because I will get to give her a big hug when I get home from school. And even though she won’t be able to pay as much attention to me after school, at least I know she is there if I really need her. She also gets to dress more comfortably at home, and I want her to feel cozy because that is her favorite way to dress.

I’m also worried about her being tired all the time. She never gets the amount of sleep her body needs, even though she makes sure that my sister and I get the right amount of sleep we need. I have a feeling that now that she will be waking up earlier to get ready for work, and probably not going to bed any earlier than before, she will be so very tired and not as much fun to be around. I guess that’s part of being a grown-up. It’s her choice to get less sleep. I just hope it doesn’t change how nice she is with us, and that she will still want to read with me at night, and do fun things with me on the weekends.

Mommy has also told me that although she is happy to have this new job, she is a little worried about not getting to write as much. She loves to write, and it is a big part of who she is. She has been working on writing a book about the man I am named after. She said it will take her years to write. I wonder if now that she has a full-time job, she will ever finish it. I sure hope she does, because I know that project was really important to her. She said it will be her ultimate gift to my Saba {grandfather}, who was working on it with her before he suddenly passed away while we were living in France.

My Daddy seems to be really proud of my mommy for getting a job. He tells her congratulations a lot, and tells her she is going to be great. I think he likes that she is doing something for herself. She has spent a lot of time putting all of us first, and sacrificing her needs and desires. Daddy thinks mommy is so smart, and such a hard worker. He is so sure that Mommy will go far in this job. He just wants her to be happy, whatever that looks like. He often says, “if Mommy is happy, everyone is happy.” I totally believe that.

Mommy also says she worries about still being the best mommy she can be. She said it will be harder than ever to keep up with the housework and to cook us yummy, healthy dinners. She said until she figures out how to make it all work, we might have to pick up food from restaurants every few days, or eat pre-made frozen meals. I love her cooking and usually gobble everything up at dinner. Even though I love to eat out and enjoy “kid food,” I always want to eat her food more. Maybe I can help her cook, or chop some things for her after I am done with my homework. I think all she needs is more help so it doesn’t take as long to prepare the food.

I wonder if maybe Mommy will be a better mommy from all of this, because when you don’t have as much time with someone, you tend to make the most out of the time you do have. It makes your time together even more special, and you really, really take it all in.

Mommy also says she hopes that her working will be an example to us. It will show us that she wanted more for herself, that she wanted to do something she believes in and is passionate about, and that she wanted to contribute to making our lives better by being able to provide the things we really want. She hopes that we will see that with the right balance, it is possible to have it all. She also wants us to be hard workers and to always reach for our dreams. If she can do it, I know I can do it, too.


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Originally from Denver, Colorado, Emily moved to Sugar Land, Texas as a young girl. She studied journalism and psychology at UT Austin, and has experience in newspaper reporting, technical writing, and freelance writing. When she can, she works on writing her first-ever book. Somehow, Emily randomly ends up living abroad for short stints of time. In 2007, while attempting to heal a broken heart, she moved to Bilbao, Spain, and completed a six-month work-study program. Despite swearing off serious relationships, her husband, Oren, swooped in shortly after her return. They struggled with infertility, but were ultimately rewarded with their two precious children, Mayer {June 2013} and Juliet {April 2015}. In 2019, Emily’s family relocated to Montpellier, France, for Oren’s job. They managed to learn the language, forever spoiled their taste buds, and saw some really beautiful things. Now back in Houston, they are eating all the Tex-Mex and enjoying family.



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