National Book Lovers Day:: A Love Letter to Books


National Book Lovers Day:: A Love Letter to Books

Dear Friend,

Why do we need to celebrate books? Let me tell you why.

To know books is to love them. And every day, I fall in love with their power and finesse. When I was a child, my parents would drop me off at the library while they worked. I rummaged through cities, towns, and fictional worlds while others did camp and summer school.  Each page slipped through my fingers as I mentally turned into the characters. Books were my nanny, my summer school teacher, and my best friend.

National Book Lovers Day:: A Love Letter to BooksI loved books so much I turned them into a career. Each year, my biggest goal was to find a book that each of my students—every one of them- would fall in love with. It was a challenge that I met with great honor and commitment, but there were still students hesitant to rise to the occasion of living through the world of books. So I took it one step further and specialized in supporting the students that some call struggling readers. To me, they just haven’t fallen in love yet. And like we would when meeting someone new, I encourage them to be themselves, use their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses. 

But how else can I love books when my shelves overflow with literary works from Shel Silverstein to Shakespeare? I can add my name to the list of authors and create my own. I told my story and laced it with magical artwork that makes every student understand that they are truly beautiful.

As a parent, books have been a gift. They give me something else to turn to when I question screen time limits. They give me ways to explain the birds and the bees. They give me a faith rooted in love, and help me guide my son to walk in that holy love.

So why should we celebrate books? Because they celebrate us. They protect us and nourish us and lift our voices to the corners of the earth and the recesses of time. They give us a legacy and knowledge. Books are heroes, and we should always celebrate heroes.


An Avid Reader  

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