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This Mama, she feels a straight up sisterhood with Cinderella. I get you girl. I GET YOU! The cooking, cleaning, and scrubbing of all the things feels like it is never ending. Don’t we all wish that we had a following of tiny animals to clean up for us when we need some extra help {or is that just me}? 

The reality is, I don’t have a posse of birds that can wash dishes or mice that scrub the counter. Spreading out my cleaning tasks helps me keep from feeling overwhelmed and makes my cleaning schedule seem manageable. The kitchen is the heart of my home. I have found that if I spend some time cleaning my kitchen at night, I wake up to a clean space and start my day in a more peaceful and positive way. I am going to break down my nightly routine and help you get on top of having a clean kitchen. I was recently introduced to Art of Green Cleaning Products and fell in love! These product’s ingredients are 98% naturally derived.*

The key to my success will always be knocking out these quick jobs AFTER my tiny humans are in bed. Starting my cleaning routine can quickly go from a 10 minute routine to an hour routine if they are still awake. Three simple cleaning tasks insure I am going to bed with a clean kitchen.

Counter Tops::

I like to be able to quickly wipe down all the counter tops in my kitchen. This job is one for a disposable wipe. What I love about Art of Green Cleaning Wipes is that they are non toxic and contain no harsh chemicals. I know in the morning I am going to be preparing breakfast for my kiddos on the counters and this gives me a peace of mind. I also love that they leave behind less residue than other wipes I have used. I am past the highchair phase, but I would totally use these to wipe down a highchair after dinner. 


Stove Top::

Sometimes my stovetop and backsplash look like I channeled my inner Jackson Pollock while cooking. I find that spraying down everything with a multipurpose spray and allowing it to soak while I move on to another area works best for me. This spray happens to be tough on grease! While everything is soaking I move on to the floors and then circle back around to the wiping everything down. Letting the product soak basically does all of the hard work for you. 




Sweeping up food off the floor from the carnage of my children’s meals could basically be a second job for me. I feel like I spend so much time sweeping. However, I do try to mop at least once a week because the broom does not cut it after a few days. For a kitchen refresh, add ¼ cup of Art of Green Concentrated Multisurface Cleaner per 1 gallon of water to clean kitchen floors.


These quick cleaning steps make my night end feeling accomplished and my mornings start with a clean slate for the day. What I really love about the Art of Green products are the scents! I know people say the best part of waking up is Folgers, but I’m good with the smell of lavender and eucalyptus and citrus and white flower. 

You can grab the Art of Green products at one of my all time favorite places on Earth: H-E-B! Even better news…click here to snag a coupon! I feel just like Oprah in this moment, “You get a coupon! You get a coupon! EVERYONE gets a coupon!”

Want to find out which HEB they are at?? Check here!!

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*AOG ingredients are at least 98% naturally derived with no harsh chemicals. AOG is a non-toxic formula free of parabens, phthalates, glycol solvents, artificial color or phosphates.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas on how to clean countertops. Is it also safe for quartz countertop? I have a quartz countertop from and I am looking for an alternative cleaner. For I really want my countertop to last long.


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